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  1. Fantastic work! My touchpad works well now. But...My BCM94352 broken after using your kexts. I tried to pull my old BCM drivers to kexts but it did not work maybe as FakePCIID cannot be load...
  2. Hi, i did not pay much attention on I2C kext, but I know sometimes it could cause a panic. And on the Alex's github repo, some people raised this kind of issue, but alex said he is too basy now, so if you cannot solved it, the things we can do maybe just wait... Then you should user the press on touchpad to replace the buttons.
  3. I will help u to try this this week. BTW, have you meet any panic about I2C kext?
  4. Thanks! In order not to disturb your communication with @Jake Lo, I will ask for cpu frequency details after you solve your problem.
  5. Update: I think the reason is ssdtPRGen.sh, in this repo, there is no info for i5-8250u, i will try to find the related info and run it. Update +: Generated ssdt.aml and place at paych, it did not work, the CPU frequency also maintain at 3.1G.
  6. Another problem is about CPU frequency, I used Inter Power Gadget as a monitor and found the frequency is maintain about 3.1Ghz, which may caused the fan always rotating fast.
  7. 7490 too, maybe use the same setting and ELF file. Perfect sleep and graphics. Not work: Trackpad Jumpy too and the click buttons did not work. Cannot use a earphone, but the built-in speaker is OK.
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