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  1. I’ve tried with and without legacy option, uefi and ahci always on
  2. It’s LVDS, haven’t tested external monitor yet
  3. Oh, alright thanks. Thank you for every bit of help, I really appreciate it. Can't always find a solution to these obscure problems.
  4. None of this worked either The 9Q23 doesn't have built in ethernet, so I don't know if there's a kext for non-ethernet. Would you recommend trying to reinstall?
  5. Capri is in S/L/E Here's the sysinfo sysinfo.zip
  6. It’s vanilla yeah, also get an unsupported cpu message in verbose if that indicates anything, but that’s regardless of 01660004 and 12345678
  7. It wouldn't boot with that plist either, only with 0x12345678. My specs are Core i5-3317u, Intel HD 4000, 8Gb DDR3-1333 and 1920x1080 res, A07 BIOS IOREG.zip
  8. It's rehabmans HD4000 01660004 config, I honestly don't know what to do, I just reverted back to this one after trying every possible option. I also think I should have the MacBookAir5,1 SMBIOS, since it's a perfect match. but that didn't really help either.
  9. Hi, I've tried every available platform-id, edid patching, etc. The only platform-id I'm able to get into the OS with is 0x12345678, the correct one for this setup seems to be 0x01660004, but I can't get past the apple logo. Other issues are, touchpad only works with click and no gestures, batterylife says 0%. Would deeply appreciate some help with this.
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