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  1. Apple Disk Utility is buggy. Try to boot Linux Mint, start Gparted and create GPT partition table, then create FAT32 partition. Reboot with Mojave USB stick, don't start Disk utility, install Mojave on FAT32 partition, it will be formatted automatically.
  2. May be partition table is MBR instead of GUID.
  3. Hi there! I've installed Karabiner elements software to resolve this issue. And I've got some results. 1. There is possible to remap keyboard keys as touchpad keys. For examle Right Alt and Right Control remap as left and right mouse button. And it works! (See Fig.1) 2. Karabiner can modify events from touchpad. When this feature is on TrackPoint works correctly. Touchpad buttons work correctly (or sometimes they swap). Touchpad surface doesn't work correctly, cursor make fast and chaotic movements. (See Fig.2) Karabiner is an open source software available here: https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/
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