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  1. Nope, I just thought solving this problem with a fresh install would be easizer.
  2. Hello Moskiller, Mine worked only once too. I'm now waiting for catalina and I'll try to solve this problem with a fresh catalina install.
  3. I switched back to BCM94360CS2 and the Apple Watch unlock is not working either, while it worked well before I switched to DW1820A, consistently. So I assume some config was changed in my macOS permanently and I might need a fresh install.
  4. Same for me. Auto Unlock worked only once. I'm still looking for solutions and didn't have the thread updated. Instant Hotspot didn't work either.
  5. @nickhx, Amazing. Work with my build. The BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext doesn't seem to be included in bitbucket pack. Did you built them on your own? I looked into the plist and they were built on macOS 10.14. Also, RehabMan mentioned "Do not use any of the other kexts (BrcmPatchRAM, BrcmPatchRAM2, BrcmFirmwareRepo, or BrcmFirmwareData) with this kext.", but apparently we need to combine them together. Again, amazing job.
  6. @drenan, well, like I said before, you probably didn't load firmware successfully.
  7. Congrats. Hope somebody could figure out why we can't upload the firmware via macOS, while some of us can. Well, according to my experience, you won't lose your uploaded/cached firmware unless you shutdown and disconnect the power. Rebooting won't affect it. But this should be related to your power policy which is controlled by motherboard itself.
  8. Try upload the firmware via Windows or virtual machine windows. Remember to release the uploaded firmware first.
  9. Well, I tried again BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext ( with BCM4350C5_003.006.007.0221.4688_v8784.hex ) plus BrcmPatchRAM2.kext ( modified ), put them into /L/E, rebuilt cache and repaired permissions with hackintool (I don't like this method since since 10.15 we won't be able to modify /L/E). After releasing the firmware uploaded via windows, I boot into macOS and firmware version turned to v7 c4688, which means I uploaded the firmware. However the paired bluetooth devices kept disconnecting and reconnecting, won't work at all. Since I'm not using latitude, I'm not sure if I could get this problem fixed here. It could be related to USB map. But I'll stay with my old windows-uploading method until I got some spare time testing it.
  10. Well, I finally returned from a long business trip. I made some progress on using this card, and the most important thing is, I never correctly upload any version of firmware via macOS. Basically, according to BrcmPatchRam's instructions, you will need an injector (brcmpatchram2 or custom injector) and a firmware store ( brcmfirmwarerepo or brcmfirmwaredata or a brcmfirmwarerepo including customized firmware). After trying so many combinations, I could see correct firmware version I was uploading from SysInf, I could detect bluetooth devices around, I can even make connections, but those devices just won't work. Now I'm uploading the firmware via windows, then reboot into macOS with a modified BrcmNonPatchRAM2.kext. That's it. There's no need for BrcmPatchRam2, Fixairport, brcmfx-driver=x. The macOS will try to load the cached firmware uploaded by Windows, and works perfect. You may check here for details and my latest build. https://github.com/zanderzhng/EFI_Asrock_Z390_Phantom_ITX#bluetooth I walked through threads in recent months, and are going to try the kexts uploaded by you guys. Hopefully I can upload the firmwares via macOS itself.
  11. I get the Auto Unlock working now. Details was posted to a new thread here.
  12. So according to @Hervé's guidance, I was able to use my DW1820A. My configs were posted here. After some research, I'm able to use Auto Unlock function now, and still no freeze, after 1 hour of usage. A. Some research. Model Typical Devices Device ID Auto Unlock Supports BCM94331CSAX MBP 2012 14e4:4331 NO BCM943224PCIEBT2 MBA 2011 14e4:4353 NO BCM94360CS MBP 2013 14e4:43a0 YES BCM94360CS2 MBA 2013 14e4:43a0 YES It looks like by faking dw1820a(bcm4350) into 14e4:4353 will make it looks like an 2011 mba card, and won't get Auto Unlock function. BCM433x can't use auto unlock, BCM436x can. DW1820A was BCM4350, in between of 433X and 436X. B. The new config. So instead of faking the card into 14e4:4353, and setting brcmfx-driver=1, I tried 14e4,43a0 and set brcmfx-driver=2. And that's it, nothing else changed, everything's working, including Apple Watch Auto Unlock. (It didn't work in the first place, but worked after disabling and enabling the feature again). C. Some screenshots and terminal outputs. a. kextstat|grep -y brcm b. SysInf Wi-Fi. (firmware version changed, and the Auto Unlock line comes out) c. SysInf BLE.( firmware version changed) D. Some problems. I heard some noise, maybe coil whine, after booting into the system with this new config. The noise disappeared after several minutes. I never noticed such noise before switch to this config.
  13. I put a photo in the hidden area of my reply here. I attached 2 photos below too. I can't explain the reason though, I just followed some threads elsewhere when I was configuring.
  14. Well, before posting, I've been using that configuration for a whole day, and no freezes. If we can't explain this by finding other difference between our configs, then we should look at the tape on the pins. It's a pity that I can't get Auto Unlock feature working on this card. Fast connect to personal hotspot didn't work either. Airdrop, handoff works.
  15. I put everything in C/K/O, nothing elsewhere. AirportBrcmFixup.kext AppleALC.kext BrcmFirmwareData.kext BrcmPatchRAM2.kext FakeSMC.kext FakeSMC_ACPISensors.kext FakeSMC_CPUSensors.kext FakeSMC_GPUSensors.kext FakeSMC_LPCSensors.kext FakeSMC_SMMSensors.kext IntelMausiEthernet.kext Lilu.kext WhateverGreen.kext
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