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  1. i have bought the new model too.. the 5410 2020 with i7-10610U CPU i have succesfully boot using this OC.. you can try it OC.zip
  2. i guess so.. so sorry.. it seems to be fix when i disabled the dgpu according to Opencore thank goodness...
  3. my battery also worse.. its like my CPU is running 100% or the DGPU is not disabled
  4. i have update the SSDT-PLUG to fix the CPU Power Management according to OpenCore guide the problem still persist
  5. i cannot fix the sleep issues.. can u guide me on how to fix things that i have done - usbmap according to OpenCore guide - update to latest opencore 0.6.3 but the issue still persist the problems - choosing Sleep in power menu will make the laptop blank screen and no response.. i have to forceful shutdown and restart - closing the lid did not make the laptop sleep - sometimes it look like it sleep ( no fan running etc ) but when i try to wake it up.. only mouse cursor appear... the mouse can move etc but nothing can be done to make the desktop appear so i force shutdown/restart is there any logs that i can trace/read
  6. ok.. my first problem is that it cannot wakeup from sleep.. ill update the finding later
  7. great.. i follow exactly what you have said the the post and it works perfectly ( atleast i dont see any problem yet ) the trackpad problem really make it worthwhile to switch to opencore.. thanx alot
  8. ok.. i download the file https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=28421.. test with USB boot.. and it can boot my Vanilla Catalina just fine but with small bugs in About This Mac - no CPU information ( Just CPU 2.7 ghz ) - no Mac information - no Memory Information ( in DIMM ) but correctly detect my 4GB RAM - no brightness control Improvements compare to old Clover - touchpad is much more better and responvice.. no more need to click/touch multiple time.. and it pretty usable so what should i do next?
  9. Is there a guide for newbies on how to convert working clover to opencore? i want to convert my working cllover ( with vanilla MacOS Catalina ) to opencore but no success yet.. even booting failed
  10. great! now all my USB 3.0 port is working correctly ( need to borrow friends 3.0 pendrive to verify ) and sleep/wake also fix. tq for the help one more question.. i should delete the USBinjectAll right? replace with USB-X.aml etc that has been generate by Hackintool
  11. is that so.. okay ill try to change it.. so i should set my exposed 3 USB ports to USB3.0 right?
  12. yes.. i set all detectedable USB ports to internal
  13. i dont know.. i just use hackintool and set the USB to internal and delete undetectable USB ( i test one by one by plugging pendrive ).. and then generate the kext.. and it sleep/wake works after that.
  14. finally fix my sleep/wake issu.. i use hackintool to generate proper USB kext
  15. in Devices/Properties/PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)PCI i dont think my model has 2nd gpu.. and it boots just fine.. just cannot sleep/wake properly.. nevertheless its never hurt to check.. thanks for the heads up
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