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  1. i have bought the new model too.. the 5410 2020 with i7-10610U CPU i have succesfully boot using this OC.. you can try it OC.zip
  2. i guess so.. so sorry.. it seems to be fix when i disabled the dgpu according to Opencore thank goodness...
  3. my battery also worse.. its like my CPU is running 100% or the DGPU is not disabled
  4. i have update the SSDT-PLUG to fix the CPU Power Management according to OpenCore guide the problem still persist
  5. i cannot fix the sleep issues.. can u guide me on how to fix things that i have done - usbmap according to OpenCore guide - update to latest opencore 0.6.3 but the issue still persist the problems - choosing Sleep in power menu will make the laptop blank screen and no response.. i have to forceful shutdown and restart - closing the lid did not make the laptop sleep - sometimes it look like it sleep ( no fan running etc ) but when i try to wake it up.. only mouse cursor appear... the mouse can move etc but nothing can be done to make the desktop appear so i force shutdown/restart is there any logs that i can trace/read
  6. ok.. my first problem is that it cannot wakeup from sleep.. ill update the finding later
  7. great.. i follow exactly what you have said the the post and it works perfectly ( atleast i dont see any problem yet ) the trackpad problem really make it worthwhile to switch to opencore.. thanx alot
  8. ok.. i download the file https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=28421.. test with USB boot.. and it can boot my Vanilla Catalina just fine but with small bugs in About This Mac - no CPU information ( Just CPU 2.7 ghz ) - no Mac information - no Memory Information ( in DIMM ) but correctly detect my 4GB RAM - no brightness control Improvements compare to old Clover - touchpad is much more better and responvice.. no more need to click/touch multiple time.. and it pretty usable so what should i do next?
  9. Is there a guide for newbies on how to convert working clover to opencore? i want to convert my working cllover ( with vanilla MacOS Catalina ) to opencore but no success yet.. even booting failed
  10. great! now all my USB 3.0 port is working correctly ( need to borrow friends 3.0 pendrive to verify ) and sleep/wake also fix. tq for the help one more question.. i should delete the USBinjectAll right? replace with USB-X.aml etc that has been generate by Hackintool
  11. is that so.. okay ill try to change it.. so i should set my exposed 3 USB ports to USB3.0 right?
  12. yes.. i set all detectedable USB ports to internal
  13. i dont know.. i just use hackintool and set the USB to internal and delete undetectable USB ( i test one by one by plugging pendrive ).. and then generate the kext.. and it sleep/wake works after that.
  14. finally fix my sleep/wake issu.. i use hackintool to generate proper USB kext
  15. in Devices/Properties/PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)PCI i dont think my model has 2nd gpu.. and it boots just fine.. just cannot sleep/wake properly.. nevertheless its never hurt to check.. thanks for the heads up
  16. this what I have tried: changing platform_id - waking up from long sleep/hibernate wont work ( KP ) but wake screen work* - *pressing SLEEP button on login page disabling PowerNap, hibernate etc.. - dont work.. still KP with the same error when wakeup
  17. this is my EFI file.. i think you should test changing the platform-id one by one and keep restarting to test.. EFI.zip
  18. ok now when i leave it to long in sleep.. it will have this problem Failure during sleep : 0xFFFFFFFFF0000001F : EFI/Bootrom Failure after last point of entry to sleep any guide or tips?
  19. finally fix the wake screen problem by change the ig-platform-id .. i refer to this https://github.com/acidanthera/WhateverGreen/blob/master/Manual/FAQ.IntelHD.en.md and test one by one
  20. finally fix it.. i disable Power Nap in Enegery Saver.. seems i have trouble waking up when its on power not on battery.. tq so much
  21. removing the kext didnt fix the problem.. as long as the screen sleep.. it cannot turn on back even tho the device is not sleep yet ( as sound etc ).. brightness control is working in Displays ( but not in hotkeys ) i used your e7270 boot to install.. i also try opencore version but cannot boot at all ( stuck at KP FACS something )...
  22. running the command pmset -g log | grep -i failure produces this result 2020-09-21 11:24:31 +0800 Failure Failure during wake: IGPU(),XHC(XHC),RP01(Sinetek_rtsx) : Some drivers failed to handle setPowerState 2020-09-23 10:18:51 +0800 Failure Failure during wake: XHC(XHC) : Some drivers failed to handle setPowerState panic
  23. already put darkwake=0 and also press esc key.. both dint work
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