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  1. Thanks Man. You guys guys are awesome. I tried FakeSMC and voila!! KB, Mouse, Sound, Wifi (I replaced Wifi card with Broadcom card) is working perfect! The only thing I am facing issue is when I connect external Monitor using USB Type-C then it hangs (assuming KP in background). But hey why not give it a shot for fixing it Any suggestions to play with? Many thanks again!!!
  2. Thanks for suggestions. I updated to latest version but having same issue. Is there anything I can do.
  3. Hi, I tried and it is stuck at Registering Hardware . I am attaching picture so that you can have some idea. It is stuck there for last 10 minutes. It is not even showing any KP.
  4. Hi Guys, I was able to bypass KP and successfully installed Mojave. However, following things are not working. 1) wifi (I understand intel card is not compatible and I am going to replace with new one but would intel card be fine with ethernet until I get new card? if so my ethernet is not working also. 2) Sound is not working. 3) Keyboard and Touchpad is not working. (Currently using USB KB and Mouse.) 4) I got KP as soon as I attached external monitor using TypeC port. (but it is least important for me right now) Once all these gets installed, I think that would be stable for long time and I can use it for daily purpose. My Intel 620 is working well. I am attaching boot log for your consideration. Archive.zip
  5. Hi Friends, I have spare Dell latitude 7280 and I am trying to install mojave. I was able to half install to the point where it copies all files from USB to harddrive and then I have to continue install from harddrive. Then it is giving me KP and I am unable to find logs to check. I used Clover flag to stop rebooting if KP, but still I am unable to recognize error. So, If anyone has successfully installed Mojave with this version, then please share your settings for clover or EFI files. Note: I am planing to replace my intel wifi card with another one which is compatible with OSX. Thanks,
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