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  1. @tqbinh you can try to mask 5 pins @wantgun some minutes ago, i try with your guide, but wifi disconnected in some minutes and system is lagging.must mask 2 pins?i dont mask 2 pins
  2. SOME PICTURES It only work on 585Mbps??why? put this file in /L/E
  3. Today I have a big harvest. These days I'm looking around for solutions to delays(freeze)in some minutes .Some day ago i use DW1820A- 096JNT on my lenovo r720(i5 7300hq). Today, I happened to find a solution about dw1820a in github. First of all, I am very grateful for this article. Although he did not reproduce the whole article completely, it indicates the source of the article. I opened this article, read it carefully and tried it. Fortunately, it has already worked for me. A few hours, good. Next, I'll show you how I operate. I don't know how long it will work for me in the future, but it's useful at least now, and I don't have to buy some more expensive network cards anymore. Actually, it's very simple.I used to follow @Hervé guidelines, but it could only work for me for a few minutes, on that basis, I downloaded an attachment in that post. You just need to put it in / L / E and delete IO8021 Family*. kext of / S / L / E. (If you don't worry, you can backup these two files. The article says you need to rebuild the cache, but I failed to rebuild the cache on 10.14.5. It indicates that the signature is incorrect? However, this does not affect its work for us, the article prompted to delete airportbrcm fixup, but I did not delete, now my 5G WIFI work at 585 Mbps, very good, and then restart,How many times will the computer crash and reboot? After that, WIFI worked very well.Enjoy it!!!! next i will upload this kext, please unzip this and put it in /L/E F_IO80211Family.kext.zip
  4. My DW1820A is 096JNT Sorry everyone, my English is so poor, but I am trying my best to express what I mean. A few days ago, I bought 1820A, today i use it on my Lenovo laptop R720 (Mojave10.14.6 i5-7300HQ HD630 ) I read a few another posts and modified my EFI file, but it can use for a while (10 minutes), then wifi was disconnected, and the system became very lagging. I tried various kinds today. I tried it for a day, but it didn't solve it. now i shield WIFI in BIOS, because if it became lagging, i reboot my laptop, it can not boot successfully, some panics, I have to block WIFI in BIOS first, then turn laptop on, then go in and unblock wifi, then turn it on again to use WIFI again, about 10 minutes or so, no matter 2.4g or 5g.(T^T , my english is so poor ..sorry) This is my clover file. CLOVER.zip thank you very much. please help me if you can. some pictures
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