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  1. Gotcha. I relogged into my iCloud on my laptop and my iPhone and now everything pretty much works! Thank you guys so much, you've helped me with my final project on a subject that is confusing to many.
  2. I tried the patch, and it worked! It goes to sleep normally now. Just need to have it turn on when I open the laptop. Handoff is a tricky beast. I've tried my country code (CA) as well as the U.S country code however nothing has popped up on my phone. Any possible tips/tricks to help get Handoff working?
  3. After modifying the date (log complained about it) I extracted this output.
  4. Hello again. My current hackintoshed laptop is my Dell Latitude E5440, which doubles as my robotics laptop. I usually take it with me to other classes to do my work. While it works wonders when it comes to using it the laptop doesn't want to sleep. I used a USB wifi dongle to connect to the internet at my school. After grabbing the certificates from another computer (the program on my laptop wouldn't find the certificates) I was able to connect. A couple days ago, I switched out my WiFi card for a Broadcom BCM94352HMB, and it works wonders. What ends up happening is it goes to sleep then wakes up after a split second, and that Continuity doesn't work. I checked power management logs using both "pmset -g assertions" and "sudo pmset -g assertions", and I have a feeling it may be due to the touchscreen. As well, I ensured that my laptop and my iPhone were hooked up to the same network and Apple ID. However, I can't ensure that what I am doing will absolutely fix the problem. and before I go disable access to something potentially important I figured post it here, since all of you have been able to help me with my issues so far. Bundled in the below ZIP file is both logs encased in a TextEdit file and my EFI folder (sans themes). Hopefully you guys can help me quickly, I would like to be able to show off a properly working hackintoshed laptop before the end of the year. Thank you guys as always! E5440 Sleep Issue Bundle.zip
  5. Ah, I see. The kext of yours works, however it doesn't communicate with DHCP. I will test this further. Otherwise, it works. A screenshot is provided as per request. EDIT: Ethernet does NOT work. It is detected however no signal comes through. I will use a dongle for temporary WiFi access however the goal is to get Ethernet working
  6. The patch works like a charm! While macOS still believes that the internal display is a projector the backlight turns on immediately, which is good for me. Now, I just need to patch Ethernet support, make sure that SMBIOS is configured for Apple's services, and this part of my project will be complete! SMBIOS is easy, I can do it myself however the ethernet isn't actually Intel or Realtek. It's Broadcom, and everything I find on it is outdated. The main issue is fixed however if I may request your help again to fix the Broadcom ethernet. Thank you for your help as always! EDIT: The ethernet is being listed as a Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5761 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe
  7. Find attached a copy of my ACPI/origin folder. Side note, macOS believes that the built in display is actually a projector. Perhaps that is the issue? EFI Origin.zip
  8. Good news, the display no longer hallucinates when the system boots. Ghosting effect is gone. Bad news, the Apple logo + loading bar flashes on screen for a split second before disappearing into darkness. Definitely a step up, however no installer yet. UPDATE: Just as I posted this, there is an actual display, but the backlight wasn't turned on. Oops. Will try installing and report back here. UPDATE 2: Install was a success. Going in and out of sleep mode fixes the backlight. Graphics work great. I can refine the install from there, however this backlight issue bugs me. Any possible fixes?
  9. Hello again, it's been a while. For my final project in robotics class (only in Canada can you find a robotics class in a high school, bay-bee), I've decided to mackintosh the Dell Latitude E5430, a laptop that was a teensy bit problematic at the beginning. Recently, I've managed to get past the initial boot process, however a graphics glitch keeps popping up that prevents any and all progress. See, after the system gets passed the Apple boot screen, it either glitches out the screen with a weird ghosting effect or there will be bars on the screen already. Either way, the entire system hangs up and I cannot progress. The only way out is a hard shut down. This is real unfortunate. I've tried Lilu + WhateverGreen, IntelGraphicsFixup, as well as the recommended ig-platform-id and I just can't seem to shake it off. I found a bootpack on this forum and I tried copying it's kexts/config.plist and THAT didn't work either. I'm trying to install High Sierra to prevent any issues with Mojave/Catalina requiring QE/CI and I'll have it upgrade to Mojave when it is finished. Specs of the E5430: Intel Core-i5 3340M Intel HD Graphics 4000 Display Resolution:1366x768 4 GB RAM ~300 GB HDD Intel Wireless/Bluetooth ALPS Trackpad Any possible fixes for this? Attached is my EFI folder and a screenshot of the issue at hand. Thank you guys in advance, you guys are awesome. CLOVER.zip
  10. Just replaced the Ethernet kext and not only is my Ethernet working, but Bluetooth as well (however spotty). -f is still a valid boot flag, it's to boot without caches. Can't seem to find any downsides, since I have everything working nice and tidy. I chose Mavericks since it is smoother, very stable, and has the old Aqua interface (which is a plus in my eyes). I might upgrade to Catalina soon, however I have a working installation and I don't want to chance it (USB installer works once in a blue moon). Battery reporting that it needs to be replaced soon is small, but I can manage. Thank you all for your help!
  11. I'll try. Quick update on USB, seems to work guaranteed if I boot with -f. Oh, Bluetooth is also there but needs an additional patch. I should be able to find it EDIT: Updated to 10.9.5, Configurator works but Hackintool crashes
  12. Ethernet is a bit fuzzy, closest I got was I2XX (I believe 8 series). It's Intel, but that's all I know I tried to install it to /S/L/E, but I broke the permissions and I ended up booting into safe mode to remove them both. I'll try using Hackintool and see if I can get USB working.
  13. Alright, I have switched out FakeSMC + ACPIBatteryManager for VirtualSMC + SMCBatteryManager. Battery works so much better now! The only issues left are that the Ethernet kext doesn't load and USB support is still a bit spotty (success rate has definitely improved).
  14. Great! Everything works except Audio (which I can patch myself) and the battery needs tweaking to make sure it works correctly. Disabling turbo battery killed the meter and displayed an X in the battery. I removed the turbo battery disabler and it sort of worked. Battery meter worked, except I had no time estimate and it wouldn't update unless I logged out
  15. Oh yes, I got the trackpad and keyboard working, however I have zero clue how to patch DSDT. Is there some guide I can use to patch USB? I'm sure there is, but I'm too tired right now (as of Oct. 1) to look it up
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