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  1. My desktop Hackintosh currently has a GTX 1080. I have updated to Catalina, and it no longer is supported. I understand that AMD graphics cards are the way to go for Hackintosh compatibility. What is the best, comparable or better AMD card? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello all, I am looking to find an alternative to the internal wireless card that is built into my Dell Latitude 7480 as it does not work with Mac OSX. I am currently rocking a USB wireless card that works, but I would like to find something that can replace the current internal card. I have attached a picture of what it looks like now. What is this? PCI? M.2? Please let me know your suggestions. Thank you in advance!
  3. I am very new to the Hackintosh world and I greatly appreciate any advice. I was able to get my keyboard working on my Dell Latitude 7480 by installing the VoodooPS2Controller.kext. However, for the life of me I cannot get my trackpad to work. Any suggestions or things other Latitude 7480 users have done? Thank you a million!
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