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  1. In clover usb I have moved files from other clover attempts and while in clover I hit space bar then click block kexts then other some of the kexts say (null) can someone help
  2. I have dell Inspiron 15 3558 i5 5200U HD5500 2 memorie slots 1 occupied 8gb 1TB HDD I have 2 partition in attempt to learn Hackintosh procedure. I would like to merge the two partitions and start fresh as I am unable to boot into either one? Any advice short of buying a hard drive would be appreciated. I also have a 2TB WD portable drive which I can’t boot into because while booting verbose of clover states USB port lacks the power? Thanks for any input.
  3. I have same laptop and worked great with the A10 bios but when I tried booting UEFI only I was able to boot in but booted to lower graphics for some reason and lost windows I have followed others and my clover usb is all jacked stick with those files and make subtle changes on new usb Incase you jack it up like me lol
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