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  1. Previously before you help me enable the audio There is like two monitor icon at my taskbar but im not sure if it was the thingy that enable me connect the hdmi Thx
  2. Hello I got problem with my hdmi port, its not working Each time I plug into cdmi, my laptop hang/ stuck Can help me fix this? I was working previously Thx
  3. Sorry but i dont understand (Yes ive read) Is port limit referring into usb speed or number of usb activated if all port were used?
  4. Oh ok What is this USB port limit thingy? Does it necessary?
  5. Wow Now my audio is working but haven't tested the audio jack My keyboard now able to copy paste like previous Alt + c/ p I could online currently by tethering using my iphone Is there anything I could do more to improve this setup? I didn't add those kext but maybe at earlier stage before I seeking advise here This is the result for I-registry & permission Thx ioregistry3.zip permission3.zip
  6. Ive follow as instructed but it stuck after reboot I turn off & on for second times & only it load This my ioregistry & permission look like Note: Seems the volume is there, selected output internal internal speaker but no sound when playing video Now my keyboard cant copy paste, previously it can by holding Alt + c/ p Thx ioregistry2.zip permission2.zip
  7. Not sure if this is correct or not.. permission.zip It was in txt form that me copy from terminal Thx
  8. This is the result for my ioregistry ioregistry.zip But upon the "sudo kextcache -Boot -U /" it told Warning: /AppleInternal/Library/Extensions: No such file or directory Untitled.zip I dont have LAN at my home, just wifi Thx
  9. Im referring to the new interface clover, the one you attach Previously it was black but now it was white The debug required internet connection? If yes, then i cannot do at this time as i dont have LAN connection, just wifi I use my windows pc to download & copy over to my hackintosh Thx
  10. Is there anyway to verify which *.kext is used & no in hackintosh? Maybe i could clean or delete those that not related Better loader, much faster than default The About This Mac show as MacBook Pro -- As it should be Still the audio not working Thx
  11. My dsdt is not patched yet Im sure coz i only dump but i never patched it This what i need to ask Instead of iMac, why my hackintosh identify my device as iMac & not MacBook? Can u help me fix this? Thx
  12. Hello This is my entire CLOVER only folder look like Clover version 4934 Thx CLOVER.zip
  13. Hello Need some help My device is Dell Latitude 3480 Reg Model P79G Reg No P79G001 Im running Mojave 10.14.6 Im not sure what to be done further but i upload my dsdt files if it could solve my problem Thx origin.zip
  14. I try few other kext til it working but im not sure where did i download the kext My exact laptop is Dell Latitude 3480, i5 processor I need help to solve the audio & wifi Thx
  15. Yes I'm using this but its not working Anyway, I solve my problem & now running mojave I need help on activating my wifi, model was Intel dual band AC 8265 (This from Device Manager in Windows) Thx
  16. I'm trying to install macOS on laptop dell 3480 but I stuck at something like cannot contact recovery server Im connected to the LAN but it look like the ethernet cannot find a dhcp address Im using the same kext as earlier discussion RealtekRTL8111.kext Thanks [Solve] Dell 3480 Spec Intel Core i5-7200U Intel HD 620 Broadcom DW1820A With this clover, u could install Mojave & Catalina, working perfectly so far CLOVER.zip
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