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  1. Yes, both are working Currently im using the first u that u gave, will replace with the 2nd one soon Btw, is my dsdt for power management is working? How do i verify it currently working or not?
  2. Ive just give a try, both seems to be working Which should i use as ur advice?
  3. Wow it working thanks alot! But is it normal the fn + b/s key still acting as brightness control key?
  4. This is my debug file I dont think i got appleps2controller installed as i remove it yesterday I would like to patch my dsdt so i could have nice working hackintosh laptop 1601.zip
  5. Done replace with this ssdt & reboot, key control brightness still at fn + b/ s key Anything i could do further?
  6. Yes am on Latitude 3480, Mojave 10.14.6 I applied the 3rd patch in my clover only as i already have the first two I put the attached ssdt into Efi/ Clover/ ACPI/ Patched Remove the appleps2controller from Efi/ Clover/ kexts/ Other & installed voodoops2controller in Efi/ Clover/ kexts/ Other But still the fn + f11/ f12 key not working Is there anything i could do?
  7. Im trying to apply the patch for mapping brightness key fn + f11/ f12 but i found these error even i havent yet apply the patch code Ive try method from ur link but the Apply button is greyed This is my origin folder origin.zip
  8. Hello I need some guidance here This is my very first time to patch my own dsdt As in the screen Ive attached, what should i do? Ive added the repo/ sources but i dont seems to find a fix or any option Is there anything i might missed? Thx
  9. Hello guys I settle my wifi setup & it is working now But I still having a random "pop" sound from int/ ext speaker How to overcome this issue? Thx
  10. Oh i see But i believe it still supported is it? Based on my debug, could u help me setting up my wifi? Or u still need to check my clover setup? Thx
  11. Oh really? That would be great to know Ok now i just acquired a Dell 1280a wifi chip, based on bcm94350zae I read somewhere it was plug & play supported But once i fitted mine, the whole system seems having slow response & i cant connect to wifi The wifi logo (at the taskbar) is there but once i click to the wifi logo the mouse turn to waiting icon (spiral colorful) How do i fix this? Thx again
  12. Ok I manage to run the debug but aint sure it correct or not as I change the testURL in the script This was the compressed debug files Thx debug_28463.zip
  13. @Jake Lo Ive run ur script but unfortunately the result was similar as above I run it with VPN turned On & Off but result was same Is there anything I could do? Thx
  14. I got LAN connected to the internet but facing such issue I already allow access privacy for the Terminal but still having this Thx in advance
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