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  1. hello here I am new I have in mind some inconvenience that accompanies me. I used the VoodooPS2Controller that worked well, but the trackpad was not so easy to use. That's why I was looking for and started using VoodooI2C + HID. trackpad works now perfectly but I have an inconvenience and I have to use VoodooPS2Controller to work my keyboard. Problem 1: I have panic kernel when booting OSX. if I remove voodoops2 or I2C the system goes. I found that as soon as the apple logo shows up with loading progress and as soon as it shows and press any key, the system will start up without any problem! How is it possible and how to solve it? I've tried various tips on the internet about deleting text from VoodooPS2C .. but that didn't help. Problem 2: if I press the key while driving on the trackpad, the cursor stops responding before I release the keyboard. like controlling the sound volume, but it happens with any key. Can you give me some advice? Thank you
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