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  1. Hervé I appreciate that there's no way you guys could re-test everything all the time... just a shame that there isn't an easy way for the feedback loop to update original outdated info without opening it up to junk. So here's the weird bit - my NVMe disk got some corruption while messing about with the kexts which Catalina was trying to fix, failing and powering off. I re-installed on an external drive so I had a chance to retrieve data - using the same Clover 5119 and JakeLo bootpack. And the AW-CE123H was working OOB for wifi, without either IO80211Family.kext or IO80211FamilyV2.kext . (FixAirport is enabled.) BT also fine with patchram3. What is strange is that System Info | Ethernet cards only has the onboard LAN showing, no sign of WiFi at all. But WiFi is working, connected and stable. System Prefs | Network shows it as 'Wi-Fi'. Hackintool also sees it as 0x14e4, 0x43b1. This is with 10.15.1, and I did the full install and setup without connecting to a network.
  2. Thanks Jake and Herve, that's really useful. It would be fantastic for hackintosh newbies like me if that was noted on the supported/unsupported thread, it's a minefield getting accurate info about what to do because so many troubleshooting threads and posts are for other OSX versions and not appropriate for 10.15.x... especially when there's even a difference from 10.15.3 to 10.15.4.
  3. Thanks, that's very helpful, although it's not the easiest thing to find IO80211FamilyV2.kext if you only have 1 hack and it's running Catalina. I haven't installed them yet, but unfortunately when I try and boot the laptop now, it gets to the point when I think it's just about to switch the display from the Apple logo to the login screen, and then it just powers off. Windows still boots fine, extended Dell diags report no issues, but several attempts and OSX just turns off at the vital moment. Tried booting off a recently created Clover boot USB, exactly the same - powers off at the last moment. Any pointers on troubleshooting what's wrong, or do I need to re-install OSX?
  4. e7240 with Catalina 10.15.4 installed using @Jake Lo's bootpack (thanks!). Consulted the inventory of supported wifi cards, and then waited for weeks for my AW-123H to arrive from China. Bluetooth is working (for Logitech mouse anyway) with brcmpatchram3 etc, but I can't get wifi working at all. All my searching leads to fixes for previous versions of OSX which don't seem to apply for Catalina. System report doesn't show the card at all. Hackintool doesn't show the card under peripherals, but it does show it under PCIe devices. I also have a Win10 boot for this laptop and both BT and WiFi work flawlessly. What am I missing? Thanks debug_24322.zip
  5. As per my first post, your pack is exactly what I started with. But I had issues with USB. Possibly I created the problem by trying steps in other people's 'post installation tuning' guides. I've done my USB port mapping all over again, and right now it seems to be working However, I'm going to back up my EFI folders, and start again with your boot pack and see if this works. I notice that your pack does NOT include SSDT-UIAC. Is this because you expect us to go through USB port mapping, or is it dealt with another way? EDIT: I tried again with the pack. Strange USB issues again: now if I run Hackintool and insert USB devices, they don't show up in Hackintool at all... but they work. This makes no sense to me.
  6. No I hadn't grasped that If I remove the others and use USBports kext on its own then there is no change, it is still the same as my second screenshot. If I remove USBports kext and replace with USBInjectAll kext + SSDT-UIAC there is no change, it is still the same as my second screenshot. Both of these are without making any changes in Clover/config.plist I'm starting to think that Clover is somehow ignoring them.
  7. Debugging files attached... debug_28230.zip
  8. Well I am still struggling with this one, to be fair this is my first Hack and so a steep learning curve. Do you have a guide you recommend for USB port mapping on Catalina? I started off following Herve's guide: After Herve's suggestions to my previous post I have: Disabled the 2 USB patches in Clover Put USBinjectAll in my Clover kexts/other folder Rebuild kext cache with sudo kextcache -i / Rebooted, used Hackintool to regenerate SSDT-UIAC table + USBPorts kext Put SSDT-UIAC in Clover/ACPI/patched Put USBports.kext in Clover/kexts/other I still end up with only USB2 ports working. What seems really strange is that some of my USB ports are named differently after applying the new SSDT-UIAC table + USBPorts kext from Hackintool. This is while doing mapping: and after completing the port names have changed, and there seem to be some duplicate port addresses. If I connect USB3 devices, they show up on USB2 ports, not USB3 ports (even though the USB3 ports I discovered in my mapping are there): I didn't think this was relevant but my 7250 is the 1080p touchscreen version, so different screen from Herve's but I believe all the other components are the same. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for responses.
  10. It makes no difference. Deleted the ports in Hackintool and refreshed. I have 2 XHC ports showing in Hackintool, but I now think they are not working as USB3. According to IORegistryExplorer, when I plug my USB3 external drive in, it is hanging off EHC01, and there's nothing connected to XHC ports. I've uploaded a screenshot. Any idea why they would not work as USB3?
  11. Thanks for the response, here are the files. The part of gen_debug that exports IOreg is failing for me, it seems to be that when it's typing the path to save, something gets missed so it tries to save to a non-existent path (path is missing some characters). So I've uploaded it seperately. Thanks debug_13982.zip IOreg.ioreg
  12. So I found out that I had been silly twice. First I had installed USBinjectall.kext to /S/E, so it was always active. Second I had assumed that Herge's ZIP included the USB port mapping settings, so I hadn't run through the port mapping. I've now done that, and can now connect both USB2 and USB3 devices to all 3 external ports. What I don't really understand is that if I boot up now and run Hackintool to check the USB ports, some of the ones that are active don't show up in Hackintool. Even if I plug things into them and they are working. Why?
  13. Thanks to Herve's great installation guide, I've been able to get Catalina running on a Dell e7250, and almost everything seems to be working, however I've got a strange issue with USB which I can't resolve. If I have a USB2 device connected to any of the 3 USB ports before I boot up, then it will show up and can be used. However, if it's not present before I boot up, then when I insert it I get a warning "USB Accessory Needs Power Connect "USB 3.0" to a USB port on this Mac." This is my first Hackintosh, so it's very possible that I have done something silly, but I have gone over all the steps several times, including totally uninstalling and re-installing Clover. Hopefully you can point me in the right direction, I've attached debug files. Note: the IOreg dump part of gen_debug failed because the volume was read-only, so I generated it manually and added to the ZIP - not sure if it's in the correct format though. Thanks for all the work you have put into this wonderful forum! debug_23997.zip
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