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e7250 Catalina USB problems


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Thanks to Herve's great installation guide, I've been able to get Catalina running on a Dell e7250, and almost everything seems to be working, however I've got a strange issue with USB which I can't resolve.


If I have a USB2 device connected to any of the 3 USB ports before I boot up, then it will show up and can be used.  However, if it's not present before I boot up, then when I insert it I get a warning "USB Accessory Needs Power Connect "USB 3.0" to a USB port on this Mac."


This is my first Hackintosh, so it's very possible that I have done something silly, but I have gone over all the steps several times, including totally uninstalling and re-installing Clover.  Hopefully you can point me in the right direction, I've attached debug files.

Note: the IOreg dump part of gen_debug failed because the volume was read-only, so I generated it manually and added to the ZIP - not sure if it's in the correct format though.


Thanks for all the work you have put into this wonderful forum!


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So I found out that I had been silly twice.  First I had installed USBinjectall.kext to /S/E, so it was always active.  Second I had assumed that Herge's ZIP included the USB port mapping settings, so I hadn't run through the port mapping.  I've now done that, and can now connect both USB2 and USB3 devices to all 3 external ports.

What I don't really understand is that if I boot up now and run Hackintool to check the USB ports, some of the ones that are active don't show up in Hackintool.  Even if I plug things into them and they are working.  Why?

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It makes no difference.

Deleted the ports in Hackintool and refreshed.  I have 2 XHC ports showing in Hackintool, but I now think they are not working as USB3.  According to IORegistryExplorer, when I plug my USB3 external drive in, it is hanging off EHC01, and there's nothing connected to XHC ports.  I've uploaded a screenshot.

Any idea why they would not work as USB3?

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 10.01.42.png

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I doubt it has anything to do with the kexts used for USB ports multiplexing. OP has added a couple of patches for USB to his Clover config (on top of the totally unnecessary AppleIntelCPUPM patch for Sandy/Ivy Bridge...).


I would recommend to:

  1. remove those USB patches
  2. return to USBInjectAll and cache all kexts from /L/E
  3. after cache has been rebuilt and system rebooted, run Hackintool to regenerate SSDT-UIAC table + USBPorts kext
  4. and stick to what our guides recommend of course...
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Well I am still struggling with this one, to be fair this is my first Hack and so a steep learning curve.  Do you have a guide you recommend for USB port mapping on Catalina? 


I started off following Herve's guide: 

After Herve's suggestions to my previous post I have:
Disabled the 2 USB patches in Clover

Put USBinjectAll in my Clover kexts/other folder

Rebuild kext cache with sudo kextcache -i /

Rebooted, used Hackintool to regenerate SSDT-UIAC table + USBPorts kext

Put SSDT-UIAC in Clover/ACPI/patched

Put USBports.kext in Clover/kexts/other


I still end up with only USB2 ports working.  What seems really strange is that some of my USB ports are named differently after applying the new SSDT-UIAC table + USBPorts kext from Hackintool.  
This is while doing mapping:



and after completing the port names have changed, and there seem to be some duplicate port addresses.  If I connect USB3 devices, they show up on USB2 ports, not USB3 ports (even though the USB3 ports I discovered in my mapping are there):




I didn't think this was relevant but my 7250 is the 1080p touchscreen version, so different screen from Herve's but I believe all the other components are the same.



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