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  1. @Jake Lo Got Bluetooth and Ethernet (Realtek) working with the kexts you shared. Thanks! Didn't clear kextcache the first time. My battery life seems to be quite a bit shorter than on Linux. Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot the battery life?
  2. @Jake Lo Thanks for the tips! Tried these kexts but they don't seem to be activating bluetooth. Not sure, I'll boot to Linux later to confirm and then will give your suggestions a go.
  3. I can share mine if it will be helpful, but some things to note: Config'd for DW1820A chipset I haven't figured out how to get bluetooth or ethernet working yet I really don't consider my clover config/folder complete yet but it is definitely usable and works great.
  4. It works! Gestures and all! Amazing! Thank you!
  5. Alright, so I finally got my 1820A card working fully in macOS, but can't for the life of me get the trackpad working. I got 1820A working by finding my device with IORegistryExplorer: GP10 - 1D,1 with the 14e4,4353 injection If anyone has any tips on getting the trackpad working on these 3400 Series laptops, that would be greatly appreciated! Here is my debug output. debug_29620.zip
  6. @MrJonesIII Not sure if this will help you, but I think I had to use the nv_disable=1 boot argument to get it to boot to the installer. Our MX130 cards might be interfering with the injection for the Intel graphics. Note: I don't still need to use that argument on my HD install, but do believe I did initially for the USB installer.
  7. Alright, once I created the new USB, using your 3400 folder, it worked. Thanks! Working: -Graphics (Intel) -Sound -Microphone -Brightness -Keyboard Not Working: -Trackpad -Wifi (DW 1820A) -Bluetooth (DW1820A) Weird thing is that after booting and installing macOS on the drive, my existing Ubuntu install will no longer detect my wireless card (but bluetooth is detected). Can't for the life of me figure it out. I also booted to a windows install and still cannot detect the card. I'm not sure if the card coincidentally failed, but not sure what is going on there. I suspect my trackpad issues are due to the fact that it is i2c and that there may not yet be support for i2c devices.
  8. Clover 2.5k r5098. I am going to try reformatting the USB and starting completely from scratch. I recently reinstalled the macOS Install partition but left the previous EFI partition, which might have gotten corrupt. Also, should I be using Mojave or Catalina with that 3400 Clover pack?
  9. Okay, got the follow error when booting with that Clover folder
  10. Thank you. I am having trouble with my boot usb and need to recreate it when I am on a mac later
  11. I have the 3400 model with i7-8565U the MX-130 GPU. I tried using that Latitude 7490 guide (similar specs) and I get KPs. I left out the DSDT.aml but it still won't boot. Really eager to get it working on this machine.
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