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  1. Hi Bronxteck, Thank's for your answer and for the guide. Yes, updating the bios was the first thing I did before removing win8. I had seen that guide some days ago but it was so cryptic to me that I though it was not applicable to solve my problem. I have gone through it again and have read some other posts and...yes, you're right, it may be the only solution. Honestly it was not my preferred one because... 1) my understanding is that the Samsung NP900X4D is quite similar to the NP900X3C and NP900X4C, for which there are bootpacks here. So, if some experts managed to patch the DSDT t
  2. Dear all experts, For several weeks now I’ve been trying to setup a Samsung NP900X4D-A01ES with dual boot Win7 and ML 10.8.5. I started as a total newbie, with no previous programming backgroung, and I have learnt a lot through the many posts I have read. Finally I managed to install and run ML 10.8.5 with reasonable success. I got wifi working (I bought an USB realtek wifi dongle) BUT no QE/CI support for the HD4000, no power management, no processor optimization, no Fn keys, no sleep/hibernate, no battery indicator, etc….. I soon realized the importance of optimising my system and
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