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  1. Thanks a lot brother it worked like a charm I can use both internal speaker and headphones and I will try to disable the Nvidia card using DSDT, because using (wegnoegpu) boot arg prevented my system from booting thank you for all your help
  2. Thank you very much for taking a look at my config file. I deleted the USBPorts file which I have no idea why it was there. But the audio is still not working on headphones. And its worth mentioning that it only shows one output device, so if I plugged the headphone, "Internal Speakers" device is gone and replaced by "headphone". The sleep mode did not work either. Btw, I am not sure what you mean by "dual graphics enabled", because I unchecked (inject Nvidia), not sure if that is enough to disable the Nvidia card. Thanks again
  3. here is my debug file, hope you can help me with the sleep mode as well, since deleting usbinjectall.kext didnt solve the problem. the sleep mode does exactly like shutdown, no difference at all. debug_18434.zip
  4. Besides, changing the audio inject id in clone configurator does not seem to do anything. Even setting wrong values won't disable the audio. looks like the audio is controlled by something else. This happened in Catalina only, Unlike High Sierra. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  5. Edit: Solved by updating Clover boot loader! my only problems now are: Wifi: this is expected and I am using ethernet cable. Sleep Mode: I guess I need to disable usb injection or something like that. Audio: this is the only major problem right now, only internal mic/speakers are working, headphones are not. I remember fixing that with alc_fix by installing 2 different versions and then uninstalling them and changing some settings in clover configurator. I tried the same clover plist settings that used to work but it didnt work. I remember deleting some system files as well, but not sure which files and the sequence of steps. I hope someone can help me with that.
  6. Please help me with my Precision M6800 I had my laptop working fine with high sierra but after trying to update to Catalina. I struggled with some configurations which I was finally able to fix and install Catalina. for installation, I used the efi from the following topic: I only added some patched acpi files and checked (drop ssdt NvdTable, ssdt cpupm, all oem ssdt) and the installation worked. but since then I am unable to boot into my OS. I get a panic message every time I try to boot into the system. please help me thanks in advance.
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