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  1. i tried adding it but it doesn't work anyway
  2. i did a brand new opencore config but it still doesn't work (if oc booting working mojave then there is no usb m either) clover efi folder is mojave under usb what should i take from the mojave efi folder to oc? nagy sur oc nincs usb .zip CLOVER usb ok mojave.zip
  3. i tried several smbios but it didn't work either
  4. @ Jake Lo MacBook Pro.ioreg the webcam and SC reader not showing either it will not start with the previously attached usb file (if i log in to hackintool under big sur i don't see the active ports, i tried to log in to hackintool under mojave system where it is already active and then export the generated files to their place but it doesn't work anyway) (which I first linked efi I took from the internet because my mojave system worked perfectly with the E6430 laptop on my 5430 i tried to make my own opencore but it didn't work with it either
  5. so it starts but there is still no usb port
  6. i copied config plist and ssdt but so it won't start now
  7. Hello sorry english is not good I have a Dell Latitude 5430 laptop, I successfully installed the big sur, but it doesn't work on any USB ports. What do I need to do to work? there is next to it a clover mojave system attached to the efi folder EFI.zip ssdt hackintool .zip
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