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  1. So, I tried some different things; removing all BRCM kexts, trying to get the 7265 to work, I'm in way over my head. So I'll return to the clover/catalina configuration that works for my machine. Thanks to all for the help and pointing into the right directions, I really appreciated that!
  2. I'm sorry. I tried to find some info, apparently that wifi card isn't supported. Bluetooth works though. So I removed the FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext, I figured that could be a problem. Then, because I had a TP-Link WN725N, I installed this: https://github.com/chris1111/Wireless-USB-OC-Big-Sur-Adapter I went into the OpenCore config file > NVRAM > 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 > and changed csr-active-config to FF0F0000 to disable SIP. After a reboot it seems it's changed back to 00000000 . The installed app says 'usb wifi not connected' (tried mult
  3. Okay, so I downloaded Jake Lo's link: (https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8514-dell-latitude-e7450-uefi-only-clover-and-opencore/?do=findComment&comment=104253) I changed the EFI folder, booted in Catalina, no problem. Upgraded to Big Sur, no problem. But when I reboot, there's problems. I don't have enough knowledge of this, so I attached a couple of files. Would you take a look at those? Archief.zip
  4. I went back to a clover/catalina system... @Jake Lo, would it be possible to replace clover EFI with OpenCore EFI and then update Catalina to Big Sur?
  5. @dtw_2005 No, I'm stil stuck at the same point as you...
  6. File vault isn’t enabled standard, is it? I didn’t manually enable it, so I guess no.
  7. Same problem, no change. No problems found with First Aid, problems remain.
  8. Hi, it just booted. Gave an error (see hidden content below). Now it's back in the restart loop again...
  9. @Bronxteckyes, it boots from the installer USB I made, with the same EFI. The drive is a Sandisk X400 256 GB SSD. @Jake LoYes, the option OpenCore is there (see attachment)
  10. Just to be sure I'll post my EFI... EFI.zip
  11. No, there' s just one drive. And before it reboots to the Dell screen again, the fans start to blow for a second.
  12. Nope, it sees the MacHD as startup disk, but I get that same problem again... Am I missing something? Is there any 'post-install' options I need to do? Should I edit the config file after I transfer it from the USB two the harddisk?
  13. Okay, took a while to reply, but I tried it again. Put in a new SSD to be sure. Computer installs without problems. I mount the EFI's from the installer and the SSD and transfer the EFI folder from the USB installer to the EFI drive from the SSD. The I restart the computer and the problem starts all over again: 'it boots the MacHD, then reboots halfway. I get the Dell logo, it tries to boot MacHD and then it will give me that warning thing 'You need to restart you computer. Hold down the power button etc.'. And that goes on into a loop for multiple times until the machine shuts off.' I t
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