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  1. hello again sorry for the late i bought a amazon basics cable mini Dp to Dp and the lag is almost disappear about 95 % unless if i play a high quality movie in Netflix i think the cable solve the problem thanks
  2. ok , i tried now to low the HDMI to 1.4 from 2.0 of my monitor setting and the lag still happen i wonder about the lag , because i used to install Big Sur on dell latitude e6540 and there are no lag is the HDMI in latitude was higher than the 7510 ? and if i use display port , is it will look like the HDMI in resolutions ?
  3. sorry for late i go to your guide download the EFI , copy the file to my EFI and change the values of grub.cfg then i add new boot option : DVMT and point to /EFI/Boot/DVMT/bootx64.efi when i boot and choase DVMT , give a black screen and 3 options about F1 F2 F12
  4. how i can raise the DVMT-Pre-alloc value ? thanks
  5. hi everyone i'm have install Big Sur on dell precision 7510 i7 6820 HQ with intel hd 530 everything work fine except the monitor i have 32 Samsung 4k monitor link by HDMI in my dell the problem : there are lag in monitor I don't know what is causing the lag ? i can't fix it , any help ? thanks
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