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Precision 7510: laggy graphics

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hi everyone 
i'm have install Big Sur on dell precision 7510 i7 6820 HQ with intel hd 530
everything work fine except the monitor 
i have 32 Samsung 4k monitor link by HDMI in my dell 
the problem : 
there are lag in monitor 
I don't know what is causing the lag ?
i can't fix it , any help ? 


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Looks like files from my 7510 guide. I needed to add them to enable graphics on the USB-C port.

I haven't tested the HDMI on a 4K display before, perhaps might need to raise the DVMT-Pre-alloc value

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In my files, I've included a DVMT script.

Modify the grub.cfg with textedit

Change  setup_var 0x432 0x3 to  setup_var 0x432 0x4

Save the file

Go to your BIOS, add new boot Option. Call it DVMT or whatever, point to /EFI/Boot/DVMT/bootx64.efi

On boot, press 12 and select the new boot option DVMT

On the Grub Shell GUI, select the 1st option

This will disable the dGPU, change DMVT to 128MB, and enable switchable graphics

This will reboot the computer automatically to make the changes. Boot to MacOS and test.

With the changes, you may disable these in the Config file. Add # infront incase you may want to re-enable and not have to re-add




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sorry for late 
i go to your guide 
download the EFI , copy the file to my EFI and change the values of grub.cfg
then i add new boot option : DVMT and point to /EFI/Boot/DVMT/bootx64.efi

when i boot and choase DVMT , give a black screen and 3 options 
about F1 

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this is what I have read

You can do 4K @24/25/30Hz with HDMI 1.4 but the interface does not provide enough bandwidth for 4K @60Hz.

To get enough bandwidth for 4K @60Hz you need HDMI 2.0 or better.

The 7510 has HDMI 1.4, so try lowering the frequency might help with the lagging.

Or use Display port if available.

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ok , i tried now to low the  HDMI to 1.4 from 2.0 of my monitor setting and the lag still happen 
i wonder about the lag , because  i used to install Big Sur on  dell latitude e6540 and there are no lag 
is the HDMI in latitude was higher than the 7510 ? 

and if i use display port , is it will look like the HDMI  in resolutions ?

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