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  1. That's what I've to do because I tested the behaviour with previous USBPorts.kext generated with the laptop standalone. Probe USB keys are mounted but do not appear in the Hackintool list. It seems a formal issue, because USB keys file remain accessible... Three USB 2.0 ports on left side of the dock work Two USB 3.0 ports on rear side of the dock work I forgot docking station doesn't have an HDMI port but only DP. Have to test again and switch monitor connections with another PC/Hackintosh (dual boot W10/Big Sur). The very last test now remains to make a SIM card of an int
  2. I notice that most troubles have been solved due to precious Jake Lo support for me and AppleCross. Big results. I have to check with the multiple ports of the dock station how the laptop behaves, but I'm very satisfied of the reached status. Everything I'm interested in works now.
  3. Before modding the BIOS I performed further tests browsing various sites. I noticed that Hackintool can generate patches concerning HDMI (Patch/Patch/Advanced) so I tried to setup also the audio configuration in OpenCore config file. So I tried a couple of new Device Properties: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3) - Referred to audio. Initially missing PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) - referred to Video - New data and strings with respect to original version of config.plist PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0) - referred to ??? - Unuseful since has no data. I guess it can be erased. See attach
  4. HDMI works on a Samsung TV monitor 22" not HD. I can setup resolution and refresh frequency and duplicate or share desktop. Every functionality is allowed. So I think the problem is memory to allocate associated to HD features of main monitor (IPS 27") and its refresh rate (I can arrive up to 165 Hz). I found a thread named [Deprecated] Changing DVMT values in BIOS. Is this you refer to? Is it still valid? I have to boot a WINPE iso and modify directly the BIOS. Can I set up DVMT 192 MB or do I have to limit to 64 MB? If it depends on physical device I cannot set any value. I'm
  5. Finally USB, BT and WiFi troubles have been fixed with the known limitations of non-Apple machines. I can also read the SD card appearing on the desktop as a normal USB key. I'm writing using an USB keyboard, much more comfortable. Some issues remain related to HDMI. I'm using three displays, but the only working are integrated and VGA. I discovered that now Big Sur considers it as a Display Port but it works. Monitor management by MacOS is very poor compared to what you can do in Windows10, but that's another discussion. For me it's ok to use VGA and HD monitor with the laptop
  6. Hi Jake (I apologize having mislead you name), due to your suggestions things have greatly improved, so, first of all, I thank you again. Battery seems ok now and its configuration is allowed. Also statistics seem to work correctly. Monitors: I have activated 2 connections: VGA and HDMI. As I already stated, I can work with VGA monitor (1366x1024) but both integrated and HDMI monitor (4k) are black. With significant delay the desktop appears on the integrated display, optimized for the resolution of the VGA monitor. Sometimes it becomes black and it appears again. Very slow m
  7. Ok Jack, herebelow the situation: WiFi I didn't install anything immediately after the first boot. I studied how to fix the issue and read somewhere to install AirportItlwm.kext and Heliport.app. The app does nothing and if I try to load the kext at the frst boot the system goes into a panic state. The attempt was made saving the kext in the relevant folder EFI/OC/kext and setting up properly the config.plist file. I'll give a try loading in the same way the suggested alternative Itlwm.kext. HDMI I see a second monitor but cannot use it (black 4k display) if I connect
  8. Hello everybody, I'm a newby to Hackintosh on laptops and on this forum and I've to say I arrived in the right place and have been very lucky to read this thread. In fact, after a couple of days with a lot of troubles trying to setup OC to work with Big Sur on my Dell E5270, a miracle has happened. My Latitude E5270 has the following specifications: Chipset : 6th Generation IntelCore CPU : Intel Core i5-6300U Processor Graphics : Intel Integrated HD Graphics 520 Display : 12" HD 1366x768 RAM : 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 Storage : Crucial M
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