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  1. Hi, I have 7400 model with custom EFI built for 7400 and weirdly I can't establish fullhd res (1080p) on the external monitor, it is going blank. Is fine when 720 is set instead. I've swapped DP connectors to HDMI in the framebuffer, have full accel. but 720 res is working only without problem unfortunately ...no 1080p. Any advice on where to look? EFI folder with config, essential kexts and amls attached. Thanks EFI.zip
  2. Hey @MatiWaldi Did you fixed your trackpad issue? I'm using Rehab's 1.9.2 PS2 kext atm and it works then with next boot it wierdly doesn't (cursor have "drunk" movement so you can't click or point to anyting at all). Also did you managed hotplug for TB3? Cheers
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