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  1. No, I had it on but it didn't boot with the new SSDTs you gave me, so I went back to a vanilla EFI from a bootable stick I made a couple weeks ago and it worked. I was trying to troubleshoot something else but I realized that in the About My Mac I could see my Graphics display correctly, so I moved my bootable sticks EFI to the main one, patched some things and I got pretty much everything except HDMI (haven't tested) and trackpad (can get it to work but messes up my Windows trackpad usage AND cannot get all the gestures i want like zoom, 3-4 finger gestures, etc) BIOS SETTINGS:
  2. Update: I was able to get it running with switchable graphics by using an older EFI partition, not exactly sure why it works but it does, I can link my EFI and BIOs settings if anyone has the same issues I do.
  3. It seems that graphical acceleration is on as my system doesnt feel laggy and everything is running smoothly. (Chess rotating works fine, crtl-up/down to switch around is smooth)
  4. Here is the specs sheet from the Dell website I believe my processor is Kaby Lake generation
  5. All I see the Apple logo on boot and black bar with no progress. I tested with and without VTX on and got the same result. (switchable graphics always on) The common thing I notice happen is that whenever I enable switchable graphics, the hack doesn't boot. However if i disable it or enable VTX with what u suggest it will boot but the Graphics wont display my iGPU properly.
  6. Recently I have been working on this Hackintosh and realized that sometimes the top of the Safari tabs get a bit of screen tearing, but also that whenever using Logic Pro X, the white line which goes across the screen to represent time passing doesn't render properly, it will only update the render when you spam click the mouse. After doing some research I realized that it was a graphics issue and that on my About My Mac settings, under Graphics it only shows Display 8 MB and I have been trying to troubleshoot this so that it will recognize my iGPU (it wont recognize my dGPU as it
  7. Here is my IOReg. DellPrecision7520.ioreg By enabling VTX in the BIOs I was able to get a boot up with that SSDT, but when i tried enabling switchable graphics with it as well i was not able to boot up (showed the Apple logo, black bar no progress)
  8. Got it, trying that right now on my modified EFI, and if it fails on that ill try my old EFI and get back to you on that, thank you for the help. That didnt seem to work, sending over my EFI folder to you Current EFI.zip
  9. Quick side question, but it looks like your were able to disable your NVIDIA Quadro graphics in the DeviceProperties of your EFI and enable the iGPU only, how did you do that? I've tried many different solutions and none of them seem to work.
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