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  1. @Jake Lo

    I may be talking nonsense but we agree that I need to keep these kexts enabled:
    And then, I install according to your advice?

  2. Hi you all,

    Finally, I have succeeded in an installation that is not yet 100% but almost. Shout out to @Jake Lo & @Hervé for your precious advices & technical helps.
    The only thing that is still not working is the trackpad which is quite basic. As soon as I touch the trackpad, the pointer goes to the left. I have to use a second finger to select something and a second Tap to open something.
    I tried various kexts (VoodooI2CHID & VoodooI2CSynaptics) but still no real working trackpad.
    Maybe there are still errors in my config.plist. 
    I think I'm about at the same point as @denkteich is with his configuration.

    I'll keep looking on my side.
    If you ever think of something while checking my files, I'm interested 😄



    HackBook-Latitude-5510.ioreg config.plist.zip

  3. @Hervé

    Yes I got  the Tackpad PrefPan .

    I enabled, disable and re-enabled Tap to click just in case but it's not working properly.

    There are another SSDTs from @Jake Lo folder I didn't installed yet: 



    Do you think I need to install it ?

    I'm gonna try just in case. I will learn from my own mistakes ;)

    I also see that I have SSDT-XOSI.aml in my ACPI folder and it is not in Jake’s folder.

    I will try to uninstall it to see if it has any impact.

  4. @Jake Lo

    I added SSDT-TPDX.

    Trackpad is working now but it's a bit strange. There is just the pointer who's moving but I can't select or open anything.

    I have to press the left button to select or open something.

    I added SSDT-BRT6 & SSDT SSDT-OCWork-dell from your EFI/ACPI folder too.

  5. @Jake Lo

    ok thanx ;)

    I deleted all the uncheck kexts.

    I tried to enable VoodooPS2mouse and trackpad but no diffrerence. Trackpad still not working. I'm gonna check what kind of touchpad is it ;)

    I still hope to find a solution

    Thanxalot for your help by the way? All your advices have been are absolutely awesome. You rule !!!! 

  6. I'm new here and very happy to see a nice hackintoshing community.

    I started to make some hackintoshes in 2009 and i like it. Since I never quite hackintoshing.

    Hope it's not gonna disappear with the new ARM M1 chip.


  7. @Jake Lo

    I made a new fresh install.

    I first installed Catalina with the OpenCore method. Then I upgraded directly to Big Sur with the AppStore.

    Then I used the EFI Latitude 5510 folder you posted. I had a compatibility concern with OpenRuntime r12, r11 was required. 

    Then I remembered that @murkie posted different EFI.zip. I took the last one he posted. I mix with your files to find the good settings. After several tries, I managed to make an EFI file that works well.
    Everything works like a charm (Graphics, WIFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI, Audio, Camera, Keyboard, Backlight, Hotkeys, Volume buttons, fn Key for brightness, Sleep/Wake).
    Only the trackpad does not work at all.
    It drives me crazy Ahahaha 



    Capture d’écran 2021-05-18 à 01.20.33.png

    Latitude 5510 HackBookPro.ioreg config.plist.zip

  8. Hello Jake,

    Yes I tried it in the 1st place but no trackpad with it 😕

    I got WIFI, Ethernet, Audio who's working with your files but the headphone input works strangely. The sound is extremely saturated.

    Now I tried to add SSDT-DGPU but my screen stay black after Big Sur start to load. 

  9. Hi you all, I installed Big Sur on my Latitude 5510.



    • Comet Lake i5-10310U
    • Intel UHD 620 / AMD Radeon RX 640 graphics
    • 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM
    • M.2 2230 NVME SSD (Gen3 x4)
    • Realtek ALC3204 audio
    • Intel I219LM Gigabit Ethernet
    • Intel AX201 wireless


    I first installed Catalina via OpenCore. Then I updated to Big Sur via the AppStore. 


    What works:

    • keyboard backlight, volume buttons, hotkey.  Fn keys for brightness
    • internal speakers, microphone and camera works
    • battery level
    • Ethernet


    What does not work:

    • graphics acceleration
    • trackpad
    • headphone input
    • wifi & bluetooth
    • HDMI
    • sleep and wake


    It's really weird, I never had this kind of problem with my other Hackintoshes.
    Could someone please help me?
    Thank you in advance for your answers.


    Capture d’écran 2021-05-17 à 01.13.50.png


    Latitude 5510 Hack.ioreg config.plist.zip

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