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  1. I already did it, but it shows me the apple sign without loading
  2. Hi everyone, I want a solution to this problem. I'm on the Catalina Clover system. I tried switching to Opencore, but it didn't work for me. I went back to Clover again, but it no longer appears in the boot menu, but I am able to enter the system normally as it was!
  3. @Hervé Can you modify the file for me because I am confused and I am very worried about it, I do not have the experience, so please help me and attach my file after your modifications. I will be very grateful to you.
  4. I use 18 and the sound works perfectly except for this problem. I installed the system from about 10 months ago. It suddenly disconnected in this period about 4 times and it shows Clover screen, but it rarely happens, so I thought it had something to do with the DSDT file You mean I use the converted DSDT file directly without debugging it? Sorry, I am not very experienced in this field, but I try to make my device as stable as possible
  5. Auto switching is working and everything is fine but the headphone is crashing and coming back on when I sleep, I am currently trying to create a DSDT file for my device, I have extracted the original file and I want to correct it Can you help me this would be much appreciated
  6. Hi everyone, I want help with this headphone problem that gets stuck and returns to work once the system sleeps. I've tried a lot and couldn't find solutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated I did everything from CodecCommander and alc_fix but to no avail.
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