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  1. Hi Hervé, As I said, because with Big Sur, Broadcom BCP94360CD did not activate bluetooth unless I have the intel card, and the same stands true with Monterey! I know because Monterey did not even recognize intel card, with Broadcom BCP94360CD recognized there is no bluetooth!
  2. I recently installed Monterey on Dell Latitude E6440, progression so far (main issue so far bluetooth): 1. I was able to upgrade Big Sur to Monterey! 2. The EFI file link here. 3. I was able to fix the picking list issue via opecone and run test showed me that I'm missing some files, and it ran well! 4. Wi Fi works, sounds, and camera work, I gave up on DW1550, and I reinstalled original card which is Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, Dual Band, I also kept the BCM94360CD card, however only one cards shows now, while with Big Sur both cards showed and worked nicely including bluetooth and airdrop! 5. Bluetooth doesn't work, I followed both dortania guide, I was able to see bluetooth goes on, but when I connect my iphone, I get error message on my iphone saying (I also reset both devices to see if it helps, in addition I reset the bluetooth itself: When I disable the suggested kexts in dortania, the system won't proceed beyond the login screen! So I enabled them! I have two cards installed: 1. Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, Dual Band, 2.BCM94360CD card The reason that I kept both because in Big Sur, if I remove one of them then the bluetooth won't work nor the airdrop! I attached the EFI, if you see any thing with the bluetooth setting that I can fix, please let me know! IOregfiles01212022monterey.ioreg
  3. Thank you Jake Lo! I just sent you a message with the link! I apologize for the delay!
  4. Thank you Jake Lo! I tried to change it to 11,4 using OpenCore Configurator, I checked the plist and it showed 11,4, but after restarting the laptop, it wouldn't boot up, so I reset it to original setting! I attached my config file, If you would like to take a look! config.plist.zip
  5. Thanks Jake Lo and Hervé! Do I need to change many things in the plist or just change the compatibility of the laptop eg 11,4 ?
  6. Thank you Harvé! I checked dortania Does that mean that I need a hardware change? Or just change the plist configuration? Is it possible to go up above 11,1, because the i5-4310 rated 37W?
  7. Hi, I had an issue upgrading Big Sur 11.2 to 11.6 via OTA, I found away to upgrade it, I did the following: 1. searched Big Sur app store 2. Clicked on the link which opens app store 3. Downloaded Big Sur upgrade 4. Installed with multiple resets I verified it and it is Big Sur 11.6! I wanted to try this with Monterey, but it won’t allow me! I like the OTA to avoid loosing anything! It was hard work to get it to this point! Any suggestion on how to get OTA for Monterey? Dell Latitude E6440
  8. I’m wondering if there is slim light weight 14” laptop with upgradable two slots for RAM, upgradable dedicated GPU slot, and extra slot for hard drive? I don’t mind the trademark as long it is configurable! Something similar to latitude e series! What do you recommend? Any suggestion comes to mind?
  9. Thank you so much Hervé! I was reading your archived work on E6440, it is impressive! Is this the right adapter?
  10. Thank you Hervé! I shouldn't need any adapter for BCM94360CD, please correct me if I'm wrong? One more question, is there an airport or Broadcom Wi-Fi card with Bluetooth 5.0 that is compatible with one of E6440 slots?
  11. I don't know how to thank you Hervé, I appreciate your support! Is this the right card that you mentioned?
  12. Thank you so much for your suggestion re: Apple BCM94360CD Hervé! My laptop is E6440, it has M.2 slot too in addition to WiFi slot! I wanted to move toward native card to have airdrop and bluetooth functionalities. Would airdrop and bluetooth work with BCM94360CD? does it need a Kext? An edit: do I need an adaptor for M.2 slot for BCM94360CD, the card looks like it will match the M.2!
  13. BCM94360NG question! QUESTION I recently installed BCM94360NG, I used adaptor for this card, I downloaded and installed the drivers for windows 10, and AirportBrcmFixup and BrcmPatchRAM kexts for Big Sur, I used the same both white and black antennas used for original card. However; I don't get any good signal in either windows 10 nor in Big Sur, it shows only 2 to 3 networks with one to no bars!
  14. Thank you again Jake Lo! I appreciate these valuable info, one more question: did the airdrop work? I appreciate your support!
  15. Thank you @Harve ! I know you assume that I did not search, but I can assure that I did! But again thank you and @Jake Lo for your help! You guys are amazing!
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