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E6440: how to upgrade from Big Sur to Monterey?


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I had an issue upgrading Big Sur 11.2 to 11.6 via OTA, I found away to upgrade it, I did the following:

1. searched Big Sur app store

2. Clicked on the link which opens app store

3. Downloaded Big Sur upgrade

4. Installed with multiple resets


I verified it and it is Big Sur 11.6!


I wanted to try this with Monterey, but it won’t allow me!


I like the OTA to avoid loosing anything! It was hard work to get it to this point!


Any suggestion on how to get OTA for Monterey?


Dell Latitude E6440

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Check the SMBIOS in use; you need one of a model compatible with Monterey. Typical Haswell MBP11,1 is not compatible; you need to select Broadwell (eg MBP12,1) Haswell MacBookPro11,4 SMBIOS minimum to get Monterey upgrade offered.

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Just change your SMBIOS to MacBookPro11,4

If you have an USBPorts.kext, that should be hardcoded to MacBookPro11,1, change the info.plist file to MacBookPro11,4

That's it, but of course you should update all your kexts with latest version and OC.

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