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  1. Oh well until the machine gets here i can't tamper with it so. Thank you for the replies. Will report back with results!
  2. There is no hope for the nvidia card!?
  3. click for larger SONY VAIO F Series (PCG-81312M) Is there hope for this machine that is going to be given to me the day after tomorrow? I'm gonna do my test using the "known" tools, rooting for 10.10.x If anybody has experience with it please share it with me! Thank you!
  4. Hervé, i'm left with only the ssd mate.. where to put all my stuff when i only got this.. it was a bad time period.. :-/
  5. hi to all, i've got the h77-d3h (not the h77m and not the ds3 one) with i5-2500"k" and nvidia gtx 560 (not the ti ) i'm working on it with 10.8.2 like for ages, took some pretty long time to fix my ssdt and speedsteping, anyways it works like charm for over a year now. is there an easy/painless way for Mavs (10.9.x) and what should i take note before start the experimenting? p.s. i've already created a pack of everything for it on a neighbour forum for users having same/similar hardware, but still, afraid to go "up" on Mavs cause it's the machine i work with, and i ain't got a 2nd,
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