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Gigabyte - H77-D3H - VIA VT2021 codec


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i installed OsX 10.8.2 and got LAN and chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) to work.
I tried to install the latest Vodooo Kext, -> Kernel Panic..

I tried to intsall an older Version 2.7.3 of Voodoo -> Kernel Panic....


Dont know what to do/try now !?

Please help me out! 


Chip: Intel i7 3770 k
Board: Gigabyte H77-D3H
RAM: 16GB Corsair Venegeance 1600Mhz
Grafik: GA GTX 660 Windforce
SSD: SanDisk 128GB
Netzteil: Corsair CX 500
Kühlung: Corsair H40
Case: Carbide 300R


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Voodoo kext is successfully deinstalled! - thanks you !!!


What kext should i try next !?


And i dont know how to write a DSDT File for my system, and i cant find any guide for my System.... 

Do you know how to do that !?


Thanks you!!!

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There's a very detailed process described in the R&D section dedicated to DSDT patching. Please browse/search the forum AND the web site.


For your audio, it's going to be difficult to help you until you provide the specifications of the hardware you have.

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Hi thanks for reply!


I have now created my first DSDT File (booted from USB-Stick) it is not patched, and i have a "clean" DSDT-File on my Desktop....

What should i do with that !? 


My System is written in the first posting :)


Board: GA H77-D3H

Chip: Intel i7 3770 k

Graphics: GTX 660 Windforce

SSD: SanDisk 128GB

RAM: 16 GB Corsair



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Could you please sent your Extra folder and a clean DSDT file! :-)


I can patch it and add some extensions, so you have everything in /Extra. (instead of System/Library/Extensions etc).

When you install it with my Extra folder and myHack, it will work perfect. Don't use crap like chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) / unifail / multifail ;-).

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WOOOW, that would be great !!!!


Here is my DSDT.dsl file .... I get 1 Error ( http://up.picr.de/15108186it.jpg )

when i would like to "Save as" .aml .... 
And can you give me a little quick&dirt: "HowTo"  !???

In my extra folder are only the Standard things....  Installed with multifail (i checked FreeDSDT).... 


I would start from ZERO if i get a DSDT File from you, so i have no extra Folder then...


THANK YOU VERY MUCH , if that works you would be my HERO !!!!!

But here is my untouched DSDT File: 


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hi to all, i've got the h77-d3h (not the h77m and not the ds3 one) with i5-2500"k" and nvidia gtx 560 (not the ti :D)


i'm working on it with 10.8.2 like for ages, took some pretty long time to fix my ssdt and speedsteping, anyways it works like charm for over a year now.


is there an easy/painless way for Mavs (10.9.x) and what should i take note before start the experimenting?


p.s. i've already created a pack of everything for it on a neighbour forum for users having same/similar hardware, but still, afraid to go "up" on Mavs cause it's the machine i work with, and i ain't got a 2nd, the mini was barbequed last summer (3+ months uptime, and a power outage killed it for good)


anyways.. thank you in advance!

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