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  1. I have an HP dc7700 USDT with Intel GMA x3000 graphics on board. This is a great little machine running osX Lion. I found a method to upgrade to ML from the guys at HQ-A using MyHack. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mp9g9oFPXLQhBbofosDocTuRGzBwTxN0EHznCaOdI2s/edit The problem with this machine is finding the HP riser card that enables the use of a PCI-e 16x graphics card. They just aren't available. Have tried to kludge a PCI-e 16x flex cable into the box but it's way tight. I understand that GMA x3000 is the desktop version of x3100 which made me wonder if I could use mlpostfactor hack to install ML in 32 bit mode and make use of the onboard graphics capability? Don't understand enough about the hack to know if this could work or would be an exercise in frustration. Any ideas? Thanks,
  2. Yep, that's a bingo! Works like a charm. Thanks,
  3. I did not specifically choose an audio kext. Perhaps that is the problem. What is (are) the names of the possible audio kexts that I should see in system/library/extensions?
  4. Myfix completed. Sound shows sounflower 2ch and 16ch They respond to keyboard buttons to increase or decrease volume however "the selected device has no output controls" Still no sound.
  5. Thanks for the great instructions and tools to install Mountain Lion. I have a fast and stable install on my D630 NVIDIA with only one problem. No audio. Sound shows no input or output devices found. What is my problem? Thanks
  6. Hooked up and running I have only 150 transmit rate max from Wireless N source Tried switching antennas; I have three however (white, black and gray) and only two contacts on the card. Which two and what positions are optimal? Thanks,
  7. Success! The card actually is Ver 5. Used the subv/supb for BCM4321 AGN ver 3 without difficulty. Thanks,
  8. I finally have the card. Does the Rev version make a difference? Mine is a REV 0A? The instructions reference REV 3.
  9. Hey: I have installed ML x2 with success but when I try to complete EDP, I can't enter any keystrokes into the terminal. I am stuck at password: The built-in keyboard nor the USB keyboard will allow any input. If I pull up another terminal session not related to EDP I have no problem with keyboard entry. Any ideas? Thanks,
  10. Hi: I am ordering a Broadcom PCI-e card for my D630 from eBay. Will a Broadcom BCM4321 REV 0A work. Do I need different codes? Thanks
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