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  1. What a shame... So close to perfect. If I swapped my motherboard with an nvidia based chipset, everything would work, without random freeze issue?
  2. Since the beginning (10.7.0) I'm now on 10.7.2, I've had everything working really great,except for the occasional lockup that happens. You can still move the mouse, but nothing else works. You can only power down and power up to get back up and running. And sometimes, (70%) of the time, it boots to a KP (Kernel Panic) or 2, before you get back to desktop. Fixing permissions does not fix this. I've tried a different kexts, cpu settings, etc, and the problem seems to persists. It seems to happen the most when I'm using any kind of browser, but it also happens when a browser is not even running. I thought it might have something to do with temp, (I usually run between 120 and 150.) But I've had it freeze when it's at 120, but not freeze at 150+. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks guys! I'm running A17 modified bios (with the apple logo, that I got from this site) 4GB Memory (2x2GB) Processor, T7250, 2.0, 2MB
  3. I'm actually loving Lion, and all the gestures I can do on this magic trackpad. I ended up getting the trackpad because my D630 trackpad just plain sucks in comparison. And I must say... It's AWESOME!!! What makes it so awesome? Lion does. The biggest difference between Lion and Snow Leopard, are all the multi-touch gestures you can do. So unless you're using these features, of course you'll feel that way. Mind you, this is coming from someone who used to be a hardcore PC enthusiast, and Mac basher. Not only that, but I despised trackpads in general. Not anymore. It took me about 20 minutes to really get the hang of using this magic trackpad to navigate my OS and programs smoothly. (There are a bunch of gestures to remember! i.e. How many fingers needed, direction to swipe, etc..) Now that I have the hang of it... I can never go back. It just works, and it works perfectly. I take advantage of every one of the gestures you can use with the trackpad. Everything I do now just seems so much more efficient. Surfing the interwebs via Safari and coding in Xcode using this thing nearly brings tears of joy to my eyes. Even the reverse scrolling makes sense now. I used to hate it. Now it seems as fluid as using the iPad or iTouch/phone. I love the fullscreen mode in Lion (WTF took so long??), I love the swipe to switch active programs or desktops. The text selection is smoother and easier than ever. Maybe I'm loving it more than usual, because the trackpad on the D630, was like using a ball style mouse with tons of gunk stuck in it. So before you really decide Lion is boring, not much different than its predecessors, or even not as nice to use as Windows 7, I highly recommend checking the Magic trackpad out in Lion. You'll be surprised how different and awesome the experience will be. Buy it, try it, learn the gestures, and if you by some chance are able to switch back because you don't like it... You can always return it. I'm so excited about the damn thing, I almost want to record a video of me using it to do my thing, so I can show you how awesome it is. Watch some demos or whatever. So yeah... Bottom line about Lion.. If you're not using it to its fullest capabilities, you're just not doing it right.
  4. So I ordered said bluetooth module... Was stoked that it works, but I seem to have a little problem... When I wake from sleep, the BT module says "not found" and I have to reboot to get it back. Any thoughts on this?
  5. klex

    OSX Lion on D630

    So far so good man! That might have done the trick. Thank you.
  6. klex

    OSX Lion on D630

    Heh. Extra 200mhz FTW. I don't get it man... As far as I know D630's only have a VGA port, unless you use a dock. Where is your DVI port located? That's awesome that those kexts fixed your crashes. Which ones are you using? I'm running the latest Xcode 4.2 beta. If I experience more crashes with it, I'll probably switch over to 4.1. Do you ever experience your trackpad freaking out when you resume from sleep? It drives me crazy... I decided I'm going to purchase the magic trackpad and keyboard combo... Then set them up in this.
  7. Thanks man. That's what I'll be ordering then.
  8. Since I got Lion to work awesomely on my D630, I decided I should give it some love, and do a little upgrading. I'd love to install a bluetooth module, and I'm planning on getting the Dell Wireless 360 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. I was wondering if anyone has it, and has it working in Lion? If so, did you need any special kexts to get it to work? Are there any confirmed Lion working BT modules for our Latitudes?
  9. I love your BIOS modification man. Works awesome on my intel D630 running Lion.
  10. klex

    OSX Lion on D630

    So you are using a dock successfully for the DVI? Did those PS2 kexts fix your mouse freeze issue? I haven't had any shutdown issues myself yet. What kexts did you install using kext wizard? I just installed the VoodooHDA package myself. Hopefully it works out nicely. So you do iOS development too? That's awesome man. I just recently got into it, and I love it. I was using an old macbook pro though that is 32 bit only, and I couldn't run Lion on it without messing with the installer... And even then I guess some Lion things don't work in 32 bit mode, so that's when I decided to try to get Lion working on my D630. Speaking of iOS dev, I decided to try running the latest Xcode beta for Lion, and it seems to crash often... Are you running the latest beta too? If so, does your Xcode crash randomly too? Also, I notice we are running the same processor... Does your "About this Mac" report your processor at 2ghz or 1.81? EDIT: Fixed this issue by doing this.
  11. Carbon Copy or Super Duper should work perfectly. It won't back up your bootloader though, so once you eventually restore your backup, you'll simply have to run the chameleon installer on the drive to make it bootable again.
  12. klex

    OSX Lion on D630

    Hey man, I'm really happy to hear about your success! Especially since we have very similar systems. The one thing I bet is different, is our wireless cards... I FINALLY figured out that I was doing everything right, and the whole time it was because I have an intel wireless card. I disabled said card, and I'm now watching Lion install on my system. Woohoo!!! A big thanks to this awesome board, and simeonoff for your input and files. <3 akenut, are you running your dell external through vga or through DVI using dock? Are you able to update to 10.7.1 through apple updater without doing anything special? Will I be able to run Lion in native 64 bit? This is important to me because I recently started developing for OS X and IOS, and would like the ability to compile for x64. EDIT: I got this error on boot, shown to me by booting with -v... Any ideas? A kext releasing a(n) OSString has corrupted the registry. "@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1699.22.73/libkern/c++/OSObject.cpp: 218 EDIT 2: Found it was caused by AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext. Thanks again simeonoff. I'm successfully booted to my desktop! w00t! Now to get the trackpad to work.. Edit 3: Trackpad works.. Can't use it to scroll though or multi touch. Is there a kext that enables at least two finger scroll? Also, my processor only reads as 1.81ghz, it should be 2ghz. (Processor, T7250, 2.0, 2MB Core Merom , M0) I've updated to 10.7.1 and had to replace SleepEnabler with this one. So except for processor speed, trackpad scrolling and wifi (I need to order Dell WLAN card) everything is sweet.
  13. klex

    OSX Lion on D630

    Does anyone have a D630 Intel DSDT Resolution: 1280x800 Bios A17?
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