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  1. So what is the Right Way to upgrade ? Upgrade from Appstore and run myHack/EDP before Restart - is something like that possible ?
  2. A small update, working on my NVidia D630: Dell A19 including Slic 2.1 Original Source: http://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-Dell-D630-A19-Slic-2-1 Slic: DELL 2.1 Bios mod: DELL_LATITUDE_D630_A19 https://app.box.com/s/cezfmwf32u6e5hdlopm1 http://www.mediafire.com/?9tbocftf1d0kh6i
  3. http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20110831105634716&query=lion+usb I used this tutorial and I can confirm it still works for Mountain Lion, after roughly 4hours I got a "retail" 10.8.3 Mountain Lion Install File. (10.8.3 Install.ESD 4.42GB) But I fear that 10.8.3 Install and kext features are not compatible with the Extra Packages and Utils offered on OSXLatitude , .... and I also think I will have problems aquiring earlier working versions anywhere , .... So how did the guys get 10.8.4 running on their D630 , or is it my HiRes Display Version that is too exotic with 1440x900 Resolution , ... Greetz Peace
  4. Anyone had success with 10.8.3 as Install Source ? I grabbed it from the Rescue Partition from my MacBook Pro ... I`ve had no luck so far with the OSXLatitude provided bootpack as well as with Sebs provided extras. I tried myHack - Install was a success with Sebs Files, but boot is stopped at pci begin configuration, ... pmVersion=0 seems to be required as well, ... Bios A17, setup as described in the Bios Guide, ...
  5. xpeace

    myHack 3.0

    I can create an Installer with myHack3.1 which will let me Install 10.7 on a D630 NVidia 1440x900, but I had no success to enter the GUI for EDP Installation.
  6. xpeace

    myHack 3.0

    I already am having problems with the Installation process. I assume that maybe the T9500 CPU is not supported by the dsdt as its based on a Bios revision which did not include the 45nm CPUs. First Install that I made two Months ago ran fine with an 2,2 Ghz CPU T7500 Core2Duo. I`m running Win7Pro on the same Machine without any Problem. I tried MyHack 3.1 added the NVidia Extra, then ran myFix on that Volume, tried also to remove the myhack.kext, tried all kind of switches from PciRoot=1 to mach_kernel arch=i386 -v -f, ... When the Install looked ok it loaded eternally within the Gui the wheel animation rotating Endlessly, in verbose mode, it gave the Message "Resetting IOCatalogue." Maybe I`m trying to create a new DSDT, I`m stuck, last Time I had success I was using MyHack2.2 or 2.1 however I cannot find the old Versions any more. ...
  7. xpeace

    myHack 3.0

    I tried now really a bunch of methods and boot commands - anyone round here has got still access to an old myhack version ? I would even pay for getting my D630 back to work, ... Please , ...
  8. xpeace

    MyHack 2.2

    Where can I get an old MyHack Version ? 2.2 was the last one as far as I remember which has gotten my D630 to work, ... MyHack 3.1 Install always ending with Resetting IOCatalogue after installation.
  9. Errors in verbose mode: last entries: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered. [sleepEnabler] Disabled due to pmVersion=0 Kext sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler start failed (result 0x5). Kext sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler failed to load (0xdc008017). Failed to load kext sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler (error 0xdc008017). Sound assertion in AppleMikeyI2C at line 173 Sound assertion in AppleMikeyI2C_CD3275 at line 127 Sound assertion in AppleMikeyI2C_CD3275 at line 167 Sound assertion in AppleMikeyI2C_CD3275 at line 82 10.7.4 with replaced kext did not start with above arguments
  10. Hi ! I and several others would definetly benefit from a Walkthrough here, I managed to rename the AppleACPIPlatform.kext by using the "mount -o remount, rw" command. (I still don`t know what it is doing) Then in the System/Libraries/Extensions using "cd .." and "ls" command I managed to rename the kext using "mv AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext.bad". Which seemed to work, but I still had no success in copying from the Install Disc, or an external USB stick to hd the working File. As there are several Cases that might involve such a Procedure , a small Walktrough with the required commands would be damn great. Required here would be mount a USB from Console, the HD seems Read Only after booting from Install Disc, so it needs to be set rw before copying the File from USB to Disc. (I know the Theory, but Try&Error is really annoying without knowing the exact commands) One of the mistakes I made before was thinking that .kext are Binary Files, ... they are directories, ... I replaced the AppleACPIPlatform.kext with the SL one, ran myFix1.3 - still no success Thanks xpeace
  11. I unfortunately did the Upgrade, I am currently trying using the Installation Disc combined with the Console, ...
  12. Is there any HowTo - this is not easy replacing or even deleting a kext using a OSX-Startdisc. Usb sticks will not get auto mounted and the old hd has only read properties , can someone make a quick tutorial here - please ...
  13. After Reinstall with the Default D630 Package available here the Resolution has already been set to 1440x900 - Thanks
  14. Hi ! I`m also in the process of Reinstalling my D630 NVidia 1440x900 from ground. Is the NVidia Package from the Website (DSDT) just fine ? I think I maybe need a higher BIOS Version (Website DSDT based on A05 I think) due to using a T9500CPU ? What`s the best DSDT to use ? Nvidia, D630, 1440x900, 8GB Ram (May have to Modify DSDT EA Range), ... Whats working what ain`t ?
  15. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to confirm that it is possible to downgrade from A18 to A17 - I used the Emergency Bios Recovery Method from the Custom Bios Section: "Put the Recovery Content onto the USB Stick, enable USB as only Boot device in Bios. Turn off your notebook, remove AC and Battery. Press End Key, insert AC - when light goes Green, release End Key, - System Recovers Bios and Reboots with Dell A17 Bios screen,... " Greetings xpeace
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