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  1. Jake/Herve, Thank you for the explanation !!
  2. Hi Jake, Thank you for all the help. Sound is working now. (speaker/headphones). What is causing the issue ? Trying to learn here. I've attached another debug file here which sound is working. debug_10012.zip
  3. Hi Jake, I've tried to repair permission a few times already. sudo spctl --master-disable sudo mount -uw / sudo killall Finder sudo chown -v -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions sudo chmod -v -R 755 /Library/Extensions sudo chown -v -R root:wheel /Library/Extensions sudo touch /Library/Extensions sudo kextcache -i / debug file attached. debug_22705.zip
  4. I updated my laptop from 10.15.3 to 10.15.4 last night. - Upgraded Clover to r5107 - Upgraded Lilu, weg and AppleALC to the latest. All hardware seems to be working fine except audio. "System Information"->"Audio" is blank. Any help is much apreciated.
  5. Hi Herve, With my current setup 10.5.3 from the guide here, how can I safely update to 10.5.4 without messing my install ? Is there any steps that I can follow. Thank you
  6. Hi Herve, Thank you for the pointer. What are the steps for reverting to AICPUPM ? Do I need to do that on the E6440. I want to upgrade to 10.5.4 but am afraid to mess up the current setup. Thank you
  7. My E6440 has been running flawlessly using the installation guide here. Is it worth it to upgrade to 10.15.4 ? Also I have question regarding the clover package to use. There seems to be two providers. https://github.com/Dids/clover-builder/releases https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/CloverBootloader/releases The install guide uses 'Dids'. But the last version from 'dids' is r5103. The latest seems to be r5107 Thank you for any pointers.
  8. Hi, Just got my old E6400 working with the instructions above. Has anyone got the Dell DW1397 wireless card working with this setup ? I am running Yosemite 10.10.2. Thanks for any help/pointers.
  9. Hi, First post here, I have been using the guide in this thread and have great successes with my E6400. I am currently running ML 10.8.2 without issues except until today. I came across an issue that I don't think it has been brought up before but I hope someone can help. I installed both Vmware Fusion 5.01 and VirtualBox 4.2.1 on this laptop and tried to setup "Bridge Network" on one of my VM. That did not go well. First, I cannot get any dhcp lease from my dhcp server, I tried to setup manual IP, that works but I cannot ping the gateway or any host on the network other than the IP address of the ML host. If I set the Network Interface to NAT, I can ping the gateway and other host on the network without issues. Hope someone has seen this before and provide some guidance to resolve this issues. Thank you.
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