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  1. ameeno

    Does Facetime or iMessage Work?

    well sorry for the late reply. well, I updated to mojave14.1 I message stopped working now and I cannot get it working again even with same serial uuid's inject ect. perhaps something in 14.1 broke it? no idea...
  2. ameeno

    Key repeat speed E7440 Bootpack

    Hi All. I am using the kexts from jakes bootpack for this model. do you know why the key repeat speed (Especially when holding down delete in terminal) is so slow? anyway i can speed this up?
  3. ameeno

    E7440: wireless card

    did you need any other kexts to get bluetooth working?
  4. ameeno

    Does Facetime or iMessage Work?

    well the story is i have not been able to get imessage to work on this hack for ages, and my serial number was initially invalid, but since i spoke to apple support and they remote logged into my system, now my serial number appears on the serial number checker, but asks me to tell them when i purchased it. weird huh? my imessage account is very new. (2018)
  5. ameeno

    Fans on overdrive when plugged in

    Hello. I noticed my system fans are always loud when the laptop (see signature) is plugged in. I think that because I have disabled turbo boost on Battery kext, my system does not go full speed on laptop battery power. but powered on the fans constantly spinning and noisy. any way to control or fix this? here are my kexts in the screenshot. all items are up to date and the Clover config is fairly simple (Jakes Mojave one) any ideas for fan control would be awesome.
  6. ameeno

    Does Facetime or iMessage Work?

    Guys, I managed to get it working for me. The key was i had skipped some clover settings (even though my Lan/Wifi are en0 and en1) Basically, the only changes i made was a set the correct MLB and mac details inside clover and told clover to inject the system keys. now iMessage works like perfectly. make sure all is filled in properly. i used the board serial number copied from the SMBIOS SCREEN.
  7. ameeno

    Does Facetime or iMessage Work?

    even with wifi on AW CE123h Wifi card herve? only on ethernet?
  8. ameeno

    Does Facetime or iMessage Work?

    It wont on mine.
  9. ameeno

    E7440 - Mojave install. Cant sleep.

    thanks Jake. I cleared it and reverted back to my original EFI. i did try one you build (with usb kexts for mojave) but it would not boot.
  10. ameeno

    E7440 - Mojave - Headphone noise and 2 finger issue

    can you share your efi clover?
  11. ameeno

    Refined ALPS TouchPad driver

    I am experiencing similar problems on Mojave. The kext worked well on High sierra. However, I am using the latest compiled version of R6 by Bronxteck (13th Feb 2017) basically, the Touchpad went south after moving from HS > Mojave. I have tried to find DrHurts repo, but its no longer found on github.
  12. ameeno

    Mojave trackpad - e7440

    Hya, Just to let you all know, I managed to get the Trackpad working well by changing the fingerZsetting inside the r6 Kext (attached above) to number 1. this now works like i like it to work within mojave.
  13. Hi All. I recently Upgraded to Vanilla Mojave from App Store. Had a few quirks such as enabling the Subpixel rendering. Right now when my Dell e7440 goes to sleep, it immediately wakes back up. so, therefore, cannot go to sleep to save battery. I have attached debug files to this post. debug_694.zip
  14. ameeno

    No sound

    heres the debug thanks in advance debug_29901.zip
  15. ameeno

    No sound

    Hi am i not getting sound. i have updated my bootpack to the latest high sierra version and i can see and control volume now (couldnet before) i am using lilu, apple alc, whatvergreen, inject id 12 for sound. yea no sound. latest everything. all kexts in /l/e not sure what to do, can you help?