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  1. Hi Jake & Others, I noticed a compiled DSDT.aml inside the E7440 bootpack you provided. Could you give me a list of patches you used and how you produced this? I am interested in making a DSDT for another of my laptops and I would like to know which patches are used as the CPUs similar (but other items may not be) For anyone interested, I am trying to build a DSDT for a t440p Modified with a 4712mq CPU. I appreciate this is a Dell Latitude related forum and my first foray into Hackintosh was my Latitude laptop but the soldered on CPU stopped me for further upgrades.
  2. Herve, How you doing mate? I'm using that patch you helped me setup. On some reboots, the driver loads (Think its due to AirportBcrmFixup Kext,) But can see no networks and no hardware seems to be connected inside IORegistryExplorer. Any Ideas why that could be the case pal? (DW1820A Foxconn T77H649.00 card on the thinkpad)
  3. how did you solve the vga output? i am interested to learn. I resorted in getting a DisplayLink Adapter to have multiple screens!! how did u fix it?
  4. I have also added the other flags, (You can see these are being injected) but again the compatible flag does not inject without all the rootless stuff. debug_15394.zip
  5. Thanks for the very detailed reply. I have noticed anomalies where the injection fails. sometimes ioreg is patched other times not. I clearly need some help to debug. I would prefer a simple tidy clover injection, but alas, even with compatible injected, IT DOESNT WORK can you help why the compatibility injection is not working? is there a bug in my config? please see the debug files attached, perhaps this could solve the bug for other people? debug_13961.zip
  6. Herve, I tried your guide on my t440p. It took ages to get working, but i can admit it does work now. The secret seems to be you *MUST* use the rootless boot parameter, otherwise clover is unable to overwrite the compatible flag for this card. can you update your guide to make the rootless option as required? also how soon do you think we can see this patch inside Airportbcrm.kext automatically?
  7. Herve, thanks for the information. how does this relate to U cpu's like the one in the e7440?
  8. @Jake Lo OT: What is the advantage of using MBP6,2 over MBP11,1? I thought MBP11,1 was the best for this laptop?
  9. Yea unfortunatly I did experiment and I found that kexts for Bluetooth do not work under /kext/Other. They only seem to work under /L/E
  10. Hi Everyone, @InsanelyDeepak I Switched to Jakes Newer bootpack (DVMT + SSDT only) because it felt cleaner and i thought it would solve the audio issues. However it seems that the audio is erratic now. for example, I just booted now and the only sound device is HDMI audio out (Which i do not want). SO i dont think this newer bootpack is the solution. SHould i go back to my previous boot pack and stick to your fix deepak? @Jake Lo I Switched to the mojave fixed Bootpack pal. However some reboots it detects no sound card. The only solution appears to be to reset NVRAM through clover on each reboot What could be wrong? *I am watching this thread to see if the fix works for everyone or if its individual machine dependent**
  11. what is the reason for changing DVMT? I don't understand it.
  12. can you try brcmfx-country=#a this should unlock all channels for you.
  13. ***UPDATE*** It seems the Version 4 SSDT-ALC292.aml is working!!!! *Noticed something weird* After waking from sleep by lifting laptop lid, the laptop does not fully wake up. it actually tries to wake up, but then after a few seconds it turns back to sleep mode (power button led pulsing) at this point i need to press the power button again, and almost immedietly I see the screen on mac. I am pleased to confirm the headphone audio works now without any static after sleep. although this is some short testing, there has certainly been an improvement. My settings: CodecCommander is installed on /L*/E* SSDT-AppleAlc.aml + SSDT-ALC292.aml (v4) installed in Clover/ACPI/Patched directory So major improvement. is there anyway to fix the wake from sleep bug that causes the laptop to wake up, but go back to sleep straight away (Soft sleep) until the power key is pressed? Thanks very much Deepak, Good improvement so far.
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