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  1. Hi herve, thanks I will give it a shot. Yes I have tried /L/E and /S/L/E seems to make no difference and I don’t like touching /S/L/E so I will stick to the /L/E one. will come back with feedback on your config.
  2. any further updates on this? I have that problem too e7440. looking for a solution!
  3. how can i fix this please? here is my efi & also debug files. Not sure how to fix ALA292 I think on mojave 10.14.2 debug_28905.zip
  4. ameeno

    E7440 - Mojave - Headphone noise and 2 finger issue

    Thanks for the tip Bronxteck. I will try it out and see if it helps. ANything to prevent a reboot is excellent!"
  5. ameeno

    E7440 - Mojave - Headphone noise and 2 finger issue

    whats the headphone fix?
  6. Greetings, I am using jakes e7440 bootpack with mojave 10.14.2 The laptop is *ALMOST* perfect with some major niggles. randomly on wake from sleep if I plug in headphones I get static noises. This can often be remedied by a shutdown and COLD reboot, but this really does interrupt my workflow (Macs usually don’t need reboots very often). sometimes I am mid-task and try and put on some music/work and it simply isn't convenient to reboot (I may have a download in progress for example) The wifi card I have built in is the AW-Ce123H with the apple fixup. and I do have CodecCOmmander in /L/E and also went and put it in /kext/other to see if that will help: it doesn't. Also, my Bluetooth has been unreliable so I removed those kexts as i can live without working Bluetooth. Attached is a screenshot of my kexts folders can you help me with this problem???? Please please
  7. Thanks for all that good info viking1304! I have been googling for Use HWMonitorSMC2.app that you referred to but cannot find a download for it. can you show me?
  8. thanks viking, I have added that to my kexts on system. Now curious. does disableturboboost battery kext need to go inside /L/E or is /kext/Other fine? also how about the other VirtualSMC drievers? do they do anything on latitude systems?
  9. ameeno

    [SOLVED] FN Key and buttons wont work (E7440)

    Thanks Jake. All Working great!!!!!
  10. Hiya, I have not been able to change my brightness settings anymore and I used to be able to with FN + insert (Brightness up) and FN + f7 to go down, I have attached my EFI clover folder. do you know how I could fix it? Also any way I can improve my Hackintosh? CLOVER.zip
  11. ameeno

    Where can i find the latest bootpacks (E7440)

    thanks very much, i did try and search for it, but didnt really find anything related (tried modifying it too, but kept breaking stuff) thanks herve!
  12. ameeno

    Where can i find the latest bootpacks (E7440)

    OK the DSDT from my original file (59KB) works. actually no dsdt also works, but it just feels really buggy. I have tried making my own dsdt using clover F4 function to extract origin, decompile it, and open it with maciasl. but it results in some errors which I have no idea how to fix. As an experiment, I also tried to open this attached 59kb DSDT, but it also seems to have errors. Has anyone got a way to make a dsdt (specifically the error fixing bit) because that is where I am lost (DSDT attached) Archive.zip
  13. ameeno

    Where can i find the latest bootpacks (E7440)

    will try and report back
  14. ameeno

    Where can i find the latest bootpacks (E7440)

    Jake, the bootpack you uploaded does not boot for me I have played with the config.plist and think there may be issues inside either the patches or device injections? can you look into it for me please? I belive it is because your config file does not have intel graphics injected (Or sound)
  15. ameeno

    Where can i find the latest bootpacks (E7440)

    Thanks Jake. do you use the virtualsmc efi file in drivers?