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    No sound

    heres the debug thanks in advance debug_29901.zip
  2. ameeno

    No sound

    Hi am i not getting sound. i have updated my bootpack to the latest high sierra version and i can see and control volume now (couldnet before) i am using lilu, apple alc, whatvergreen, inject id 12 for sound. yea no sound. latest everything. all kexts in /l/e not sure what to do, can you help?
  3. ameeno

    P8P67 Pro (i5-2500k) with R9 380

    Hi Thanks for that. I have tried that config already, but it does not work for me. My Motherboard does not have an iGPU. the closet i have gotten is the country select screen on a High Sierra install, where the graphics become unusable. This config is for haswellnot sandybridge?
  4. Hi all. I cant really progress past the install, graphics are fuzzy, bad, get big red box and i am unable to progress (this is the screen where you pick the location) i have taken out all my wifi card and sound card. this is my part list: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/CkQzXP I have used vanilla high sierra 13.6, as well as unifail. my clover is very basic and i do not know really how to proceed. could you show me how to make a dsdt for this mobo?
  5. Hi Guys, (Esp Jake). I just wanted to share my deep and complete gratitude for this forum and the support offered on here. I did a random google search a few weeks ago for Hackintosh & Latitude and found these forums. I quickly and easily installed OSX HS on my Dell e7240 (yes initially a bit buggy but oh well) I noticed that the E7440 was almost the same laptop but with a better screen. Something that really bugged me about the e7240 was the screen size, Lack of Hard drive expansion, and it really sucked for Programming. So picked up a used e7440 of eBay and moved my SSD and extra ram from the 12 inch into the 15-inch machine. A few patches, bugs, checking with the forum and getting help here has left me with an ALMOST perfect Mac pro!!!! Sound, Keyboard (UK) Battery life multiple screens outputs with HDMI + Mini DP. All WOrk brilliantly! Just can't believe that a low-cost laptop of eBay is as powerful if not more powerful than a $2000 USD Mac pro! Its just so awesome, and I am so thankful for all the work you do here. Right now my machine has: i5, 1080p screen, 256gb SSD, 16GB Ram, 2TB Seagate HDD, and I have 2 extra batteries on the way too! And it triple boots macos (Works perfectly) Linux mint (Works Perfect) and Win 10, (Obvs, slow as a dog, but works perfectly) So thank you thank you thank you very much!
  6. ameeno

    [SOLVED] No SOUND! (E7440 A25 - High Sierra)

    Hi Jake. Thanks for the info, I Thought it did the same thing, HOWEVER: Please could you advise: WHen i use the Pike generated SSDT.aml (Attached to this post) I seem to have MUCH MUCH worse battery life, and my Frequency of graphics is stuck at 0.55 (550 Mhz) I have attached the SSDT + the screenshot of the intel Power Gadget. How do I get the BEST battery life for this laptop under High Sierra? Thanks Man. (PS: I have read everything about power management. I cannot really understand how to make the best setup for HD4400) SSDT.aml.zip
  7. ameeno

    [SOLVED] No SOUND! (E7440 A25 - High Sierra)

    Fantastic, Working like a dream now, Here are my boot files for everyone, -> I have a patch to reduce battery increase battery life by 35% by idling GPU at 200 MHz instead of 550 Mhz. Archive.zip
  8. ameeno

    [SOLVED] No SOUND! (E7440 A25 - High Sierra)

    As an update, I followed the debug log guide, and i have also tried reseting permissions and rebuilding the clover efi folder countless times as well as copying over kexts and rebuilding cache (tried to self help before asking). Here are my debug logs, can anyone see anything i am missing? debug_17106.zip
  9. Hi Everyone (Esp Jake). I used the Generic latitude guide with the A21 bootpack by jake for this laptop. but while i originally did have sound, for no reason this has stopped working completely. It happened a few days ago, and i completely reinstalled, and it worked (after downgrading bios to a21) but now it is not working also. Here is my EFI Folder attached and also some screenshot of /L/E. Please could you direct me how to fix it? I used the bootpacks from the guide, Jakes a21 files, and also a small SSDT-XCPM tweak to reduce idle graphics to 200mhz. CLOVER.zip
  10. almost have a fully working e7240. But it does not boot when connected to pr02x dock. And if i hot connect to dock i get no screens. How do i did that one?