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  1. Hello ! I have an Asus K56CB with 10.9 and i'm using your driver V 3.0.2 I can't seem to get the multi-finger gestures to work. Even 2 finger scrolling doesn't work. Thanks for the help !
  2. Which graphics cards have you tried to run? The Nvidia 210 is suppose to run OOB without any additional config. Required Bios settings: http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/ The DSDT for your motherboard is very easy to find on google if you search. It's a good idea to use one. When using NUllCPUPowerManagement kext i believe you have no speedstepping. (you can test is by downloading DPCIManager 1.5 and using the pstates monitor) It's also a good idea to get that working also. If you want directions, I'd be happy to help, but please start a new thread.
  3. You should try to boot the installer usb (myhack usb) in safe mode. When booting and you see the bootloader press enter and it will allow you to type bootflags. Type in -x -v and press enter to boot. (-v verbose or lets you see everything mode, -x is safe mode) Which version of OSx have you installed on your myhack usb? I advise to stay away from distros, they are more trouble than they are worth. I'm reasonably sure your hardware is okay to run others than SL.
  4. This might sound like a dumb question, but have you tried to actually boot from the hard drive? What result do you get? You can boot the installation disk.. but it reboots in the middle of the installation or after it finishes? If you have Linux installed, i'm assuming you also have grub installed? You might want to research that a little if you haven't installed already.
  5. Hi ! First of all great project. Works perfectly on my Asus K56CB Secondly, is there a way to make it work more or less like a macbook does. For example instead of pressing FN+F5 to lower the screen brightness, you would just press F5 ? Thanks !
  6. Update. I used Champlist to dump the DSDT and SSDT files from mac. I'm sending an email now with the files and IOreg file. But could you still answer my other questions?
  7. Hello, I just sent a request to your email for Asus k56cb with Intel Core i5 3337U. Thanks very much for all your work !
  8. Okay, but I'm having a small problem with AIDA64 on windows, i can't seem to find 'ACPI' tool in the menu. I've downloaded the most recent version of the program, maybe the tut is using an older version of the program? Is there a better way to do it from OS X? Can you briefly explain what the DSDT and SSDT files are needed for? I've installed OS X using the guided I posted before (The first guide from this site if you look at my first post) and everything works except for VGA and I can't install pkg files for some reason. Thanks for the help !
  9. This might be a noob question because i'm not 100% clear on what the DSDT and SSDT are for, but in the tut posted on this site: (https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2676-asus-k46ca-k46cm-k56ca-k56cm-tutorial-mountain-lion-1082/) You state that you will upload the DSDT and SSDT files into the EDP database... so do I still have to dump them as you suggested?
  10. Hey everyone, I have an Asus K56cb i'm trying to put Mountain Lion on. Full specs here: http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/K56CB/ I've done a lot of research it seems like all the hardware will work in my laptop with the proper kexts and i've ordered an Atheros AR5B91. but i've found two different approaches for my laptop. I'm not sure which one is best. this: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2676-asus-k46ca-k46cm-k56ca-k56cm-tutorial-mountain-lion-1082/ or this: http://ukrainianiphone.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24683 (Google translated needed unless you speak Russian/Ukrainian) Thanks for the help !
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