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  1. Just to let you know that I took the laptop over to the owner (Patricia 76) this afternoon. While she had been waiting on me getting it working she had been using an old Fujitsu laptop running Windows XP. She hated the thing. She is absolutely delighted with her Hackintosh so much so that she has just sent me a text asking me to thank everyone who helped. I would like to add my thanks again too.
  2. Yet again I am in your debt Hervé. That worked but I did have to reboot. So, finally I have a working Hackintosh for my friend. I've never had so much difficulty with one before and I could never have done it without all of your support. Many thanks for your help and patience.
  3. Where do I fine these kexts Hervé? I can't see anything in EDP, Chameleon or, Kext Wizard.
  4. Yes, that's what I did Bronxteck but still no sound.
  5. Right, I'm nearly there but, after restoring everything, the sound has gone. I reinstalled Soundflower and that made the sound bar become active but I still have no sound. Any suggestions?
  6. Thank you Hervé! That's the display finally working at the correct resolution. Now, any suggestions on how to get my naughty trackpad to behave? : *Update - I've got the trackpad working. I remembered something about disabling two fingers to scroll so I did so in the system preferences and now it's working properly. Yay! Now all I have to do is put the owners apps and files back for her.
  7. Thanks Hyram. I tried putting those lines into the plist but I'm not sure where I should insert them. I tried a couple of places but it didn't make any difference. When I rebooted the display was still wrong. I'm also finding it very hard to do anything because the trackpad is misbehaving badly.
  8. Can you help me find resolutions.dylib please? *Update 1 - I have found it already in the Modules folder but the display is still wrong. *Update 2 - I tried installing the first trackpad option and now the laptop won't boot.
  9. Hooray! I've finally managed to log in! I haven't been able to do that since the end of November. I think that some over-enthusiastic anti-spam software at the forum was responsible as I kept getting told that my email address had been marked as spam and I couldn't log in. Anyway, I'm afraid to report that I'm no further forward with the D630. The same problem remains and I don't know how to fix it. I am reluctantly considering just putting Windoze 7 back on it and giving it to the owner that way.
  10. Is there anything that I can do to help you find out what the problem is?
  11. I'm afraid that's made things a lot worse. The trackpad is now jumping about randomly and I can't do anything with it at all and the display is still at the wrong resolution.
  12. I'm noticing a couple of odd things happening. Firstly the display is only showing as 1024 x 768 whereas it should be 1280 x 800. It looks OK when I boot from my installer but from the installation itself only 1024 x 768 is available in the Display preferences. Secondly the trackpad doesn't respond when I use one finger. It only works properly with two fingers, i.e. it acts as if I was using one finger when I use two! Any ideas how to fix these?
  13. That did the trick Hervé. Thank you so much! The laptop that I'm setting up is for a lady in her mid seventies. She's been using a PC whilst I get her Hackintosh ready and she hates it. She'll be thrilled to bits to have a Hackintosh again. Just out of curiosity, can you tell me what the problem was that was preventing it from working before?
  14. Many thanks. Installing now. Will let you know how I get on.
  15. That's very kind of you. Thanks.
  16. Do you think that I might be better to do a fresh install on another HD then if that works use Migration Assistant to restore everything from the backup?
  17. I dowloaded and used this Extra - Dell_Latitude_D630-intel-sl When I boot -f it crashes. When I boot -v I get this -
  18. OK, I found it thanks and set it as suggested but it still crashes at startup.
  19. I've now replaced the Intel wireless card with the Broadcom one from the D620 but I'm having trouble finding where to set the BIOS. I can't see it in the documentation and searching the forum brings up lots of threads but I don't know which is the correct one. Sorry.
  20. OK, I removed the the AppleACPIPlatform kext but it still crashes on startup.
  21. Thanks Hervé. I shall give that a try tomorrow and let you know whether it helps or not.
  22. I tried that first Bronxteck but exactly the same thing happened which is why I tried reinstalling the system.
  23. Thanks but it's the same installer that I've used on several Hackintoshes so I know that it works. It's actually made from my original Snow Leopard disc and then when the Hackintosh is running I update it to 10.6.5.
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