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  1. Yes myhack isn't updated jet. But it use a couple of tools like the chameleon bootloader. Search for chameleon boot loader update fore Yosemite. There you can find all information about installing. But some features won't work like iMessage.
  2. You can find in the Package a folder named Patchs. There is an explanation about configuring the multitouch gestures. Two fingerscroll is enabled, three finger swipe can be configured and pinch to zoom doesnt work with that touchpad.
  3. I tried a Lot of sdxhci kexts and patched apple sd kext but nothing worked. Is there a newer one since last October?
  4. At this time (end of october) there wasn't a working version of chameleon released. I don't remember me at which step the boot stops but it doesn't boot up. Maybe a newer version of chameleon contains a solution. i also used clover but the hdaudio kext didn't work. i tried different way to inject the kext but it never runs. my network card was installed correctly but sometime i couldn't log into my store account. my cpu also wasn't detected correctly (core i5 540 instead of 520). I decided to install Maverics again. it runs better than yosemite.
  5. Yes it can be updated to yosemite, but its a little more difficulty to do that. You need an updated bootloader. I used the last release of chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) for yosemite. The install USB drive need also an installed boot loader like chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) or clover. But if i used clover for the system partition i couldn't get sound kext to work. with chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) doesn't work iMessage, facetime and sometimes the App Store. THE nvram build cannot be created with the lyb of chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded). If you don't need it, you can use my mentioned way to install a stable system.
  6. Your problem seems to be that you forgot to rebuild the kext cache after replacing kexts.
  7. Sometimes I have the same issue with BT. In my case it helped to set BT/WIFI on and of in BIOS. and shutdown the PC and stil wait a few seconds before turning on.
  8. Hello KFP, Now the card appears as wwan card. But there are just a few Settings in advanced settings. In "others" is no entry and in generic is just a V.90 Apple Modem. If I choose Sony Ericsson/ GSM/UMTS I Can fill in the APN and then I select others, so I can see a generic GSM/UMTS Setting and apply it. Know it connects but next time after reboot or sign in the WWAN-Status icon is disabled and the advanced setting is reseted to V90 Modem. Do you have any ideas? If I select "show WWAN-Status in menu bar" it apears, but after robot it is disabled again. kind regards Camellion
  9. Thanks Jake, QE/CI works well with NVS 3100. So you are right and I knew it but didn't mention that you ca delete these files. Now there is an updated file that contains special DSDT for NVIDA card.
  10. hi, could you reupload the pictures please. I got the same card and installed it into t410 but it will not detected as WWAN.
  11. Lenovo T410 with NVIDIA NVS 3100 Special thanks to Jake Lo. He gives the draft for this guide. Specs: BIOS 1.45 (no Whitelist) | i5-520M 2.4Ghz| 8GB DDR3 | NVIDIA NVS 3100, 1280x800 | Atheros AR 9280 | Mavericks 10.9.4 Prepair the Notebook: Load this: T410 Extras Flash Bios with moded BIOS ROM while WINDOWS working on that machine. BIOS settings: Set all to default. Then set Security-> Memory Protection-> Execution Prevention: Enabled Security-> Security Chip-> Security Chip: Disabled Config-> Serial ATA (SATA) -> Sata Controller Mode option: AHCI Let's get started... I use the myhack method for this build, so follow instructions to build your USB installer from here http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/ Installing OSX: After creating your USB installer, run myHack again Select Install Extra and point to the Extra folder attached (extract it first) Boot up system with USB installer disk (if not work type "-f -v" before enter install disk).You'll see a white, then a gray screen with cursor only, just wait. Eventually you get to the screen to select Language Format the HDD per instruction from myHack site Select "Use my Own" when prompt and point to the Extra folder in the root of the USB installer drive Delete the (3) files when prompt A few minutes later, it will automatically reboot. Remove the USB installer drive Complete the post install What's working: Full QE/CI Keyboard, trackpad and trackball (multitouch three finger swipe) (the keyboard layout of thinkpad is different to mac keyboard, so I advise you to exchange the function of option and command at system preferences - special keys) Audio Sleep and Wake with Lid Wifi - replaced Intel Card with Atheros AR 9280 Webcam Microphone Shut down Brightness control Bluetooth (integrated bt doughtercard) Facetime App Store (sometimes its required to buy something in itunes to authenticate the computer) Finger print reader iMessage (with NVRAM fix, own generated Serial and a call to iMessage support) WWAN (Ericsson F3507g/ Dell Wireless 5530) VGA Out(Mirroring and extended Desktop) What's not working: SD card reader Not yet tested but should still work: HDMI, Display Port, ExpressCard
  12. Hello, I also did an installation by this guide https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/3112-e6410-mavericks-guide/. But after reboot at the end it apperears boot0:GPT boot0:GPT boot0:GPT boot0:error My Machine is a Dell 6410e i5 560M, NVIDIA, 250 GB HDD, ateros wifi. No BT, NO FINGERPRINT. Boot from install disk with -f command is ok but it doesn't boot direct from HDD.
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