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  1. Screen goes black, not fades in. HDD spin down with power button still on and not waking up.
  2. Yes. Used the this one DSDT-E6430.aml.zip renamed it to DSDT.aml and replace the original DSDT file under /Extra. Reboot fine, but still same problem. Update: Removed the sleep image file and set the pmset hibernate mode to 0. System no longer freeze! Turns off the screen only and suspend to RAM (disk and cpu are still running I suppose).
  3. No I don't have Nvidia nvs5200m
  4. Installed 10.9.5 on E6430, everything works fine except for sleep. Big thanks to the community who contributed so much!!! When close the lid, screen turns black then freeze. Already tried with no luck: - Replace SSDT in Extra if you have an i5-3340M - Also tried the DSDT file Jake Lo and Pokenguyen provided DSDT-E6430.aml.zip System: Intel i5-3340m Intel HD 4000 Please help me with some advise. Thanks!
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