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  1. Guys, I would like a help for reinstall my Hackintosh, I had it working wihtout the NVIDIA NVS 4200M, but after a several attempts to solve the nvidia problem, now it wont boot anymore. I use to work with the UEFI Clover boot, I have now the lastest version, and the result is black screen after select the HDD. I would like your help for start from the scratch, I have the Sierra retail boot and the lastest clover. The BIOS version is the A23, i7-2640m, Intel HD 3000 and NVS 4200M as mentioned, Boot as UEFI, Sata as AHCI, Optmus enable (for work the Intel HD 3000), 120GB SSD drive, 8GB memory. I apreciate your help. Thanks
  2. The first time I tried, I copied the extra folder from MyHack partition to the new installation partition, and I got a Kernel Panic with ACPI. Now, I tried to ignore the error and boot again, without extra folder, works fine. thanks Hervé. to avoid rework, I'm doing a backup of this partition on another one. What is the next step? Do I need to use FakeSMC, Patched AppleRTC and Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManage or another one? At this time, I don't have; battery status, touchpad, audio, wireless, network and I don't know if cpu powermanage works. EMlyDinEsH, What do I do with the SSDT? in advance, thank you. Regards, Alan
  3. EMlyDinEsH, I created USB boot with myhack and your dsdt. (Using vmware osx) I Booted my A43E with this external drive and MyHack runs fine. I formatted a install area using diskutility and I run the install osx. At the end of install, OSX shows a error, informing that install failed. I thought in I create a install USB disk manually. What the basic kexts I need to replace? Again, Thanks. Regards, Alan
  4. Bronxteck, I only uses VMWare to create a install boot disk. How is best way for me to do it?
  5. First of all, thanks for the patched dsdt/ssdt. At this momento, yes, I'm still trying to install using myhack installer. For better explanation, My current scenario is: Internal HDD (MBR Partition Table) with Windows 8 using vmware to run a Mountain Lion system. External HDD (Guid Partition Table) into VMware as physical. Using VMWare I made four HFS+ partitions: Partition 1 - 10.8.3 installation created by MyHack withou modification and with Charmeleon. Partition 2 - 10.8.3 System clean, installed by virtual Mac machine. Without vmware tools Partition 3 - 10.8.3 clonne of the Partition 2 and I run; Generate Extra and Myfix by MyHack. Partition 4 - Free space for installation. this way, when I boot from external HD. I have two chances to boot. Sorry for my english and thanks for your attention and help. I'll test as soon as I can. Regards, Alan
  6. Hello Again, Now I have these partitions: Clean MyHack Installation. M Lion with MyHack extra/fix (Installed by vmware using external drive as physical). M Lion clean for backup. the boot test: First I tried to boot with the M Lion installation, and I got a Kernel Panic with ACPI. I'll try to patch or rollback the ACPI kext. And, with MyHack installation, I tried to boot using some flags and I got installation freezing at this line: [iOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed Flags used: -x -v -f -v -x -v npci=0x2000 USBBusFix=yes -x -v npci=0x3000 In this case, I'll search for a solution. Again, Thanks. Regards, Alan
  7. Hello Emly Dinesh, thanks for your reply and help. I had a lot of problems with the installation that I had. Then, I decided to delete everything I had and start from the beginning with 10.8.3. Answering your questions: My USB installation was modified by me. Including my dsdt, smbios MacBookPro8,1, and some kexts that I think necessary and did not work. I'll create another without modifications and will do I inform error and flags. At this time, I only have a VMware with Mountain Lion and a External USB with four partitions (MyHack Installation, Clean Mountain Lion, Space for installation, Data and Apps) *GUID Table No, I don't wish a dual boot. Out tonight I'll send to you the dump. [updated: here the files as requested dsdt-ssdt-dump-report.rar] Again, Thanks! Regards, Alan
  8. Guys, I would like some help to build my hackintosh. I have a ASUS A43E laptop with: Intel Sandy Bridge i7 2640M 2.80Ghz chipset HM65 Graphics Intel HD 3000 (GT2+) Maximum resolution 1366 x 768 Memory 8GB HD SSD OCZ 120GB Intel ® Express Chipset Mobile SATA AHCI Controller Realtek ALC269 High Definition Audio Ethernet Atheros AR8151 v2 Wireless Atheros AR9285 I also extract the dsdt with dsdt editor, and I applied the sand bridge patchs, but, I think this wont works, if possible, could you correct for me please? A43E.rar = DSDT without patchs. Well, At the system side, I have a vmware with 10.8.3 and a external drive partitioned to make a bootable installation. I'm using MyHack to build that. How can I do to create the installation partition most compatible possible? Whats kexts I need to use? (RTC, cmos prevent, powermnagmente, fakesmc, ...) Because I tried a several times with various kexts and I won't works fine. the boot.plist I use the most simple possible, like a verbose, graphicsenabler, smbios and dsdt indication. that is correct for my laptop? The bootloader, I don't know what is better for me, chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) or chameleon. In advance, I appreciate your attention and help.
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