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  1. Hello everybody, at the moment I am looking for an internal card to upgrade my old D630 to Bluetooth 4.0 but without luck at the moment. Maybe someone of you knows a compatible card. A WiFi / BT combo card would also be an option. Hope someone can help me out.
  2. And why was I able to use CUDA with Toast with the previous Mac OS X version for converting videos ? The NVS 135M was definitely supported. But you're I remember that I had to manually install the Mountain Lion Kext which was a CUDA 4.X version and they dropped support with 5. So it seems I am out of luck getting this feature back. It would be great if someone with a working Mountain Lion on D630 could please try some CUDA 4.X version for me and report back.
  3. Hello guys, I upgraded my D630 to yosemite a while ago. But today I recognised that CUDA is not working anymore. I had CUDA 6.5.18 installed and thought it was all good, but today as I wanted to encode a Video using Toast 12 there was no Device available for acceleration. So I upgraded to CUDA 6.5.25 and still the same. CUDA-Z is also not working. The Kext is definitely loaded as kextstat shows. Nvidia Driver is OEM, not tested the Web driver. Anyone experienced the same maybe ? Please help me get my CUDA working again, I'm a little bit lost since I tried most versions already. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Guys, I just started to mess a little with old, but lovely, D630 nVidia Model, and tried to get ACPI Backlight to work. As I'm already an experienced Kernel Extensions Programmer, Author of I8k.kext for the D630 and some other stuff. I looked at Rehab's ACPIBacklight.kext source and the ACPI 4.0 specifications about backlight. It is using ACPI methods _BCL, _BCM and _BQC which is a very easy interface to use. It was no problem to get ACPIBacklight.kext to attach to PNLF device and get the Brightness Slider in System Preferences. But bad luck, it is not working, it is just doing nothing. So I did some debugging and found out that _BCL which is Query List of Brightness Control Levels Supported, return 10 different values, the 1st is the Level when machine has full power, the 2nd when on battery and the remaining 8 are the range from min to max the OS may use to set brightness. But what the _BCL method returns is just bullshit, most values are zero and 1 is 0x5 and the last 0x80 so I began looking at the DSDT.aml I was using from the Bootpack I use, it is the one from this site. This is it, the code is storing something to the, empty declared, DBCL package, and then returning it, which must be buggy: Name (DBCL, Package (0x0A) {}) Method (_BCL, 0, NotSerialized) { SX10 () SX30 (0x19) SX30 (Zero) SX11 () Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, Zero)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, One)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x02)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x03)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x04)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x05)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x06)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x07)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x08)) Store (SX40 (), Index (DBCL, 0x09)) SX12 () Return (DBCL) } So my question is, who is the author of this method or where does it come from ? I was searching the web for some other DSDT's for the D630 but everyone I found doesn't even have this method so someone must have added it. Maybe someone can send me an original DSDT of the D630 A19 BIOS so I can have a look at it and maybe patch it or integrate it into the almost perfect DSDT this site is distributing. Thank you all in advance.
  5. You're right, it's obsolete and a SSD is best choice. Currently it has two Seagate Momentus XT 500GB SSHD (Hybrid drive) with 4GB SSD part. I know the Intel Turbo Memory thing is a waste of money and it will not increase performance much, or get even worse due to software management aka drivers that are, I suppose, needed. It's just a fancy hobby I have, I just want to have it, because I thought NOBODY has such thing in their hackintosh, sound stupid, silly whatever. Any info is appreciated, another idea to this topic is, maybe we could just use the Intel Turbo Memory Card just as (fast) storage, I wish I had a little more time to dig into the specification etc.
  6. Dear D630 users, I hope someone here already has some experience on using a Flash Cache Module. Is it working with OS X? Is there some configuration need, maybe it is even totally unsupported. AFAIK it was made to support Windows Vista's ReadyBoost Technology, so I speculate it needs some driver (software) support. Since I am interested in squeezing the last bit of performance out of my good old D630 I am interested in buying such a card. And maybe, in case of lacking OS X support, I am also interested in programming a Kext for OS X to support the flash cache module if their are some people despite me interested in. So I would give it a try, and some testers would also be great. But before I just wanted to get some feedback on this topic and OS X. Thanks in advance
  7. Good news: It's already possible and have been done by people. But not with Chameleon Bootloader, they used chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded).... See it here: http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/12/how-to-set-up-fusion-drive-on-hackintosh.html I will try that this week (waiting for my new Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drive), please do not rate that I will "Fusion" an SSD with a hybrid SSD/HDD, if this makes sense or doesn't isnt't subject to this topic
  8. Hi, I think creating the fusion drive is straight forward to the guides out there. I think, the main problem will be to boot from this fusion drive. Last 10 minutes I did some investigation on it 'cause I'm also interested in using Fusion Drive Core Storage Technology for my D630 with 2nd Mediabay HDD. Chameleon has to be updated to, which could be hard (just a guess), see the Fusion Drive and not 2 independent disks. Creating and installing on the fusion drive will at least work without trouble, I can almost promise this, but after the installation you have a system that you won't be able to start without using a USB pen, etc. I give feedback when I'm deeper into the core storage technology behind fusion drive and how difficult it will be to boot it up
  9. Have a look here http://www.projectosx.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t1647-200.html maybe you can find something
  10. Okay, did a little research on SSDT Tables...definetly another good direction which could be used to get PStates and Voltages ! Patching them is difficult...so I really had a look at VoodoPState source which is kind of messy code, but I can now manipulate PStates and voltages at the moment by defining them in the Info.plist file, that is good enough for me since I manage to get the IDA multiplier working for my current T8300 which can now run at 2.5Ghz permanently, don't know if both cores are at that speed but mostly they are. So I go for the Extreme x7900 CPU on eBay...further details follow then P.S.: If anyone is interested in details on VoodooPState configuration let me know...in spare time I will help you out !
  11. That was also my thought that PStates take me into the right direction...But is CoolBook running at the moment on Lion or ML ? The fix ? And Cooling Down isn't my intention, the CPU resists alot of heat, 90°C degrees without problem and I think I won't reach it with 3Ghz and my current cooling which is like a charm. And the 3Ghz Multiplier will be reachable via the IDA (Dynamic Acceleration) Multiplier of the CPU, I'm sure. I have made a lot of tests with RightMark CPU Utility in Windows on many Santa Rosa CPUs and almost all of them can be runtime-patched to run with one (some only a half) multiplier higher. And that is what I want to do. Set multiplier to 15 and Voltage to max (1.375V)
  12. I'm Aware that I go back to 65nm and have 44W TDP...at the Moment I Run a T8300 @2.4 with Arctic Silver Thermal Grease at 45 degrees idle and max load at 65 which is near Perfect values and Lower is Almost impossible due to The fact i have NVIDIA graphics...so Heat isn't a Problem! I will do some Research on pll modding but Voodoo pstate configuration is the Thing i Look for... Please help I know it is Possible but dont have Time to Dive into its Code...
  13. Hey guys, I just imagined upgrading my D630 to an x7900 Core 2 Duo Extreme @ 2.8Ghz. The specs tell that this CPU has free multiplier, so I need some help in configuring VoodooPState Kext. I know there is a way to tell VoodooPState which states are available through Info.plist. But I'm not able to find a guide or how-to. Someone here maybe knows how to do it. The reason is I want to try to overclock the x7900 to 3Ghz. Under Windows it can be easily done through RightMark CPU Utility. But since I hat Windows and even don't want it, no way to go with it Thanks in advance.
  14. Okay here is the latest release of I8k.kext it has now support to disable BIOS Thermal Controls for you so there is no fighting BIOS vs. Kext anymore if you like to. Furthermore you can define how long High-Speed mode should last if the selected temp was hit. e.g. Turn Fan Off 45° Turn Fan Low 50° Turn Fan High 65° (for 10seconds then check temperature again) This is how it works now. I have made an I8k.Framework ready to comminicate with the kext. If someone has interest in it for using it in an app, message me. Have a look at the Info.plist in the Kext as always to fine tune for your needs. Compiled for 32/64Bit kernels. I8k.zip
  15. I/O Kit Development goes on :-) and :-) on :-D

  16. Here is a new version with some more settings in the driver personality...if some is interested in writing a Cocoa GUI for it using I/O Kit device interface from User-Space I will give out sources to him. New Setting include a way to force setFanState()'s and to tell the driver if BIOS Fan Controls are enabled which will lead to a change in Low and High Fan states they must be switched. Why is unknown to me but that's how my D630 behaves. And less debug statements in the timerAction routine which spammed Console App. I8k.zip
  17. Here is it the first release of the I8k.kext ! It is a complete new implementation of the I8k Dell Fan Control Driver using Apple's I/O Kit. Actually there is no GUI application for it but coming soon. The Driver supports 1 or 2 Fan configuration and should be compatible with Lion and higher. It supports both 32 and 64 Bit kernels. The driver can do it's Job best if you disable the BIOS control of fans. This is in some fashion a debug release since it has lots of IOLog() statements that will spam your Console Application, but is needed for me to debug things and if some of you have trouble they can report errors. You can change settings of the driver in its Info.plist Most keys should be self explaining. If you have questions just ask. The attached file is a fat binary compiled for 32/64Bit Intel machines using XCode 4.4.1 and OS X 10.7 base SDK. I8k.zip
  18. I'm using the dock as well. Using it to watch Blu-Rays on my flat screen TV using DVI to HDMI adapter. Multi-Monitor support works like a charm. The only thing that doesn't work is the SPDIF-OUT whicht is due to no driver support. Even Hot-Pluggin in and out of the dock works in LION. ML not tried yet, but it should. But I'm working on a VoodooHDA.kext that will eventually support it someday in the far future cause I have not many spare time to spend on developing I/O Kit drivers. My son is now 7 weeks old and consumes my time
  19. The goods news are, I will release my I/O Kit based driver this evening. It is much cleaner than the i8kfan.kext. I have implemented setting the fan state using IOCommandGate with a dedicated IOWorkLoop, and using a customizable IOTimerEventSource that checks CPU Temperature and compares it to a configurable list of desired fan states that should be triggered at a chosen CPU Temp. At the moment this must be configured using the Drivers personality dictionary but most people will be able to do this as it is just editing an XML based property lists. The IOUserClient device interface is also finished but yet there is no client written in Cocoa available. I will spend several hours doing this at the weekend, if my family aggrees to it All Testers are, of course, welcome to report there problems.
  20. Thank you very much. I tested my Kexts with version 0.2 of i8kfanGUI !! But in my spare time I'm working on an own I/O Kit based version of the driver which is nearly finished. I will also provide a new GUI for the driver, since the i8kfanGUI approach uses a daemon to get it's values from which is real overhead for such little work the driver does. I will solve this problem by providing an IOUserClient Class to manage the device. Soon I will provide it here for testing.
  21. For all of you guy out there looking for an I8kfan.kext version that work with 64bit Lion Kernels here is it... It have rewritten some of the assembler code used by the kernel extension to get its status values from to support NATIVE 64bit vanilla kernels. You can get a fat binary here including both old 32bit and new 64bit code plus a 64bit only version. Compiled with Lion Base SDK and XCode 4.4.1 ! I8kfan-64bit-kexts.zip Please report any bugs or failed attempts.
  22. Hey guys, just bought a second Mediabay Battery...but it doesnt get recognized correctly ! Tried VoodooBattery, AppleACPIBatteryManager and AppleSmartBatteryManager, none shows it. If the second battery is in use it shows up like power supply is attached. I think it could be fixed with some custom DSDT but I'm not aware of ACPI language and have no time to read the specs at the moment. Someone got this working, any way would be appreciated
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