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  1. Same issues as my e7240: falloff after a while, inconsistent headphone handoff, failure after sleep, etc etc. I know this is an issue with the external amplifier; I just want to know how to fix it. Do I need to donate a machine to Rehabman or something? Commission a hardcoded IOAudioFamily?
  2. Has anyone gotten audio to work correctly?
  3. So I had to delete FAKEPCIID to get acceleration working again. In Clover, Preview and Flash do not function, but booting with Chameleon solves this. Audio is actually still messed up (but far better than 10.10.2) using Rehabman's latest CodecCommander, but functions for longer before going silent in Chameleon than Clover. This is very strange and hard to replicate. Sidenote: is the App Store version of Yosemite up to date with 10.10.3? I might try a clean install at some point.
  4. Graphics are also unaccelerated on 10.10.3 for me (even with FB patch from the guide thread), but I'm showing 1536MB. Using Rehabman's CodecCommander from 4/05 audio seems to be working pretty reliably also.
  5. Actually even with the modded codec commander, audio is really spotty to the point where it's almost more trouble than it's worth. For anyone who bought this model just for OS X like I did: don't. At least for now.
  6. Okay... after modding CodecCommander I think I have audio pretty much working. CodecCommander.kext.zip
  7. Okay, I think I've narrows down some issues with the audio. In CodecCommander's Info.plist, I set <key>Check Infinitely</key> to true and that seems to have fixed the random dropout, but not the lack of headphone audio at boot. When I wake from sleep after this modification, headphones do work. It would seem that <key>Command</key><integer>27723556</integer> is being passed at wake, but not at boot. Even when I set <key>On Init</key> to true, it won't work until I sleep and wake the machine. But this seems to do the trick. Any idea how to send this command at boot? EDIT: If you boot without headphones plugged in with <key>Check Infinitely</key> set to true and <key>On Init</key> set to true, then headphones will be detected automatically and function correctly. I have heard static after sleep in this configuration however. I've also modified an alfred script to unload and load CodecCommander.kext Fix Audio.zip
  8. I don't, do you have a link? I'm running version 2.2.1 (included in bootpack, I believe). Interestingly, unloading and re-loading the kext in terminal doesn't bring sound back. Again, I really appreciate your help If there are any logs or config files I can send you, definitely let me know.
  9. I've confirmed that the GenericUSBXHCI.kext from Vietnam Tool is the same as Rehabman's latest. Still not totally working but removing AppleHPET prevents KP on reboot. Have not yet tried setting BIOS to USB 2.0 only. I wish I could help when it comes to AppleHDA. It is extremely complicated. Kext Wizard actually won't load the "loaded" tab for me — it the fields don't load. Weird. Is there any other way to reload CodecCommander? Perhaps there's a quick and dirty way to script a media event within the first 30 seconds of wake. Also you're totally right; lid sleep does work, I just need to give it enough time. Sorry for the false alarm.
  10. I have a FHD i5 model and almost everything is working. Make sure you follow the instructions 100% However, I can report the following bugs: -USB 3.0 with kexsts from bootpack doesn't work with my USB 3.0 drives at all, even on reboot. -Replacing GenericUSBXHCI.kext with this one from RehabMan's site results in a KP with USB 3.0 plugged at boot. -Drives work if booted to desktop. -I have not yet tried removing HPET. -I have not tried the GenericUSBXHCI.kext from Vietnam Tool. I also get very sporadic sound. -I've enabled "Play feedback when volume is changed" for and sometimes this will fail even though sound plays through applications. -Audio after sleep sometimes fails. -Switching between headphones and speakers sometimes fails, leaving no sound in either. -I've also noticed that the FN-UP FN-DOWN brightness controls do not function. -Lid sleep does not seem to function. This was also the case for my E6230, and I've been using RehabMan's ACPI Poller as a workaround on both. -Side-swiping between desktops using three-finger gestures does not seem to function, but maybe my fingers are weird. I do want to say that I am very, very appreciative of your work, Jake.
  11. [sponsored] Hello everyone! I've requested a sponsored patching for my Lenovo Yoga 11S! Specs: Intel Core i5-3339y Intel HD4000 4GB RAM Synaptics Trackpad Conexant CX20590 WiFi RTL8723AE *cries* Whats working: Trackpad Keyboard Sleep Graphics Acceleration USB (sort of) What's not working: Brightness Control Sound Battery level USB 3.0 hotplugging Wifi (but there's no hope of that) I've gotten this far, but I I need a pro's help at this point. I can't wait to hear back. Thanks!
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