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  1. the guide works so any errors are defo down to slight user mistakes, just re try taking time to read each step correctly.. Im back on windows 8.1 (sadly) As the sound and no NVidia was just too much.. I have left the partition in tact ready for the day a solution comes around.
  2. working the same for me as the older ones, until i do my tinkering out of interest has anyone tried id 2 or 3 ?
  3. interim fix for the crackly audio through headphone port.. in system prefs go to sound, on the output tab select headphones and move the balance slider to the left channel.. Sounds plays through both still and is crystal clear.. edit: after more testing, it seems you need to make some voodoo changes so i have uploaded mine.. Even when getting all the levels correct and changing the output nob in the voodoo settings it goes all crackly, then by simply clicking on the left/right slider in sound prefs it goes back to being crystal clear its loads of trial and error but its important the sound app you are using in my case itunes is not set to full output or the bass gets overwhelmed. On another note I found this online kext and will be working on it over the next few days AppleHDA-2.6.0f1-ALC283.zip
  4. yeah but surely OSX has to have detected it and loaded it for the VM to pick it up as its a pass through but not direct hardware access unless you mean its just the usb bus being passed through.. BTW the 10.9.3 update causes really bad artifacts on the menu bar, fixed it with the AppleIntelFramebufferAzul you posted to fix the hdmi, BTW my hdmi works fine apart from audio, no lockups or anything
  5. Well its getting better. The kext its loading is fine as when i load the camera in parallels it works fine. in system profiler what does everyone have under camera? I have this Integrated_Webcam_HD: Model ID: UVC Camera VendorID_3141 ProductID_26373 Unique ID: 0x145000000c456705
  6. the 7737 has a sonex cam, ive been trying to get it working for 3 days with product ids patched binaries in the kexts...
  7. ill give it a bash n report back.. on another note about the audio from when we chatted not long after you posted the guide.. One of the intel NUC;s has a kext similar to the one in this guide its newer and slightly larger it states in the guide i took it from that audio works 100% on the NUC.. I installed it and its exactly the same.. maybe they were talking about audio through hdmi
  8. Can I do a windows 7 uefi install using the win 8 method with same results...? cant totally live without headphone audio and the 750m
  9. Thats because it was the clover installer that mounted the efi partition, You dont need access to it after you do all of the steps hence why it doesnt have restart in the instructions
  10. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6721-dell-inspiron-3x375x377x37-clover-install-guide/ this looks great.... backing up windows partition and will give it a blast on the 7737
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