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  1. Would appreciate the EFI folder if you don't mind. Id like to finally try Clover install. Thanks in advance.
  2. Update: Right after this post I thought to get the VoodooHDA-v2.8.7.pk and AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext and install the package & kext directly removed Voodoo Battery.kext instead of using EDP or any other method and then I repaired permissions with myfix per Herve and rebooted and voila. SOUND & Battery but still no joy on iMessage.
  3. Hello Everyone, I don't know if this has been resolved yet but here I go. Ive had a perfectly running Mavericks install on my D830 for a long time now and I decided to try Yosemite. AFTER MUCH TRIAL AND ERROR I've finally got it installed and I commend you Herve and everyone else for all the hard work. Thank you. Ive searched high and low for Kext or solutions to these problems and still no joy. My Yosemite install just won't cooperate with none of the solutions applied. Please help, still no sound or working iMessage.
  4. I believe I did but if you have a recommendation I would be eager to try it. Thanks for the info and help Darvinko.
  5. Hello all, Thanks for the responses. Ive been able to overcome the flickering graphics by using Google Chrome and avoiding safari. I can use Youtube with no problem now as well. Still no go on the webcam and bluetooth yet but I noticed that all the DVDs Ive tried to play give an error and most fixes tried haven't worked. Webcam does not come on in any app that would use it and System Preferences show no Bluetooth or Webcam icons Darvinko. Thanks for the heads up Bronxteck. Can I change out my DVD RW for one more compatible or is it something else? HELP
  6. Hello Everyone, Ive been using my Dell E6400 with Maverick installed for about a week and Ive run into some issues with Bluetooth, Webcam, Flickering graphics. Ive tried Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and finally Maverick getting all to install using MyHack. I noticed that as I upgraded I ran into the flickering graphics and inability to load flash player which is needed for YouTube and other graphics. Webcam and Bluetooth not working either. Bluetooth gives me a greyed out on and off selection. Webcam doesn't show up in any of the apps. Any help or kext downloads would be greatly appr
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