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  1. Hi, 10.8 ist running on my Opti 755. Shutdown, Reboot and Sleep ist working, but ethernet is broken when machine wakes up... also i have not sound, Kernel Panics on Voodoo HDA 2.7.3, no sound on 2.7.2... I'm using a nVidia GT220 running natively with device-propertys string in chameleon boot.plist Working tomorrow on it... like to drink a beer now! Cheers, Peter
  2. Hi Syonagar, my DSDT file was for the A17 Bios. I installed 10.8 on my D630 yesterday and missed the features on my Opti. So I will try to install 10.8 on my Opti tomorrow. I won't test Lion on that machine any more. Will post my results then. Cheers, Peter
  3. D630 Nvidia with 10.8 ist running near perfect. Just my bluetooth would disconnect if i'm back from sleep mode... any idea?
  4. Hm. Forgot to say that this happens After Install and when i try to boot for the first time. Npci doesn't work?
  5. Tried to Install a D630 with NVIDIA and 10.8 gm but the machine hangs at: ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5] Using different parameters like -f -v -x mach_kernel or arch=x86_64 ... Any idea?
  6. Did you try using: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>npci=0x2000 darkwake=0</string> for Sleep Mode?
  7. Yes I know AirParrot, on my Optiplex 755 it is not very useful, i think the cpu has not enough power. I will get my D630 with NVidia soon, is Airparrot working fine to you?
  8. Hi there, Is it possible to use AirPlay mirroring on the D630 with ML? Cheers, Peter
  9. Hi Syanogar, that's nice. Hopefully i can test it today when i'm back at home. Cheers, Peter
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