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  1. Anything new with Yosemite or is it fully working? Is it suitable for everyday work/use? Because I'm thinking about installing Yosemite on mine x201 (3680) .
  2. I think I'm going to try this during the Easter on my x201 . And what about temperature on Yosemite? Is it high or normal like 35-50 degrees? And also is it worth to install Yosemite or stick to the Mavericks in your opinnion, guys.
  3. Hey again. I came back to Mavericks and the problem still occurs. No brightness change unless when booting... Even through Settings.
  4. Thanks a lot mate! So. The last thing I have to do is formatting my HDD to GUID and making NTFS partitions for Windows. Better install Windows 8 first as I think so, right?
  5. Hey again, I'm curious about installing both OS'es on my ThinkPad. Will it work flawlessly? I don't like to work on Windows 8 anymore... But I'll be needing it because I'm going to college, so... When everything works on Mavericks - why not. Except dock - that's not the most important thing . After installation I'll just have to solve the brightness slider problem if it will show up this time. As I remember from Jake Lo tutorial for T410 these steps are important: "BIOS settings: Set all to default. Then set Security-> Memory Protection-> Execution Prevention: Enabled Security-> Security Chip-> Security Chip: Disabled Config-> Serial ATA (SATA) -> Sata Controller Mode option: AHCI" Will Win8 install in AHCI mode? I'll begin to download VMware and OS X retail image so I can create bootable USB stick .
  6. Yup, I've used this guide but I did follow kreye steps - 3680 model. I've got ACPIBacklight and I've added patched DSDT after one waking up - no backlight then .
  7. Hey guys, Recently I've got problem with my Mavericks 10.9 - it seems that I can't change brightness with controls Fn + Home/End, neither with System Preferences. I can change brightness of my screen only during boot. Any ideas to solve this problem? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I've got a little problem. So this time I've installed Mavericks following kreye's steps and I've added DSDT by redracer because after sleep I didn't have any backlight. And the only thing is that my Hackpad doesn't turn off. It's just like it gets display off, HDD stops working but processor is still working. I had the same with reboot but I've repaired that with multifail - EvReboot or something like that. When I want to power off I have to power off and then hard power by button or reboot, and while BIOS is loading I'm hard powering off by button. Any ideas? P.S I don't have any problem with dead USB after sleep. My wireless mouse and disk connected to USB works flawlessly so it's a bit weird too isn't it?
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