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  1. I have finally been able to solve it by trying different versions of acpibattery, with 1.80.2 the battery icon no longer disappears, and the default values of the power panel are correct, the rest of the kexts are the last ones published, a greeting.
  2. The KP only was with the bootpack versions of kext, now all upgraded, no kp but strange behavior on energysaver panel, i ve seen that default time to sleep display becomes never and the battery icon goes of taskbar
  3. Thankyou for your answer, I already searched for the last versions of the kexts. Maybe some corrupt file? If you never hear about this bug I will repeat fresh install of Mojave to see what s happen. i think it starts strange behavior after installing the drivers of rt wifi usb that neither works and did freeze my pc. by the way, is it better to leave the kexts in Clover or install them in / L / E? apart from the two that are in the CopyToLE folder that those always copied there.
  4. hello I have an e6440 (without radeon graphics) and I have followed the guide of Jake Lo to make a new installation of Mojave with hd4600 only bootpack, everything has gone well until the first restart after the installation in which a kernel panic came out when starting the graphics, updating the version of lilu was solved but Then it change the default values of the energy panel and the battery icon disappears. Does this happen to anyone else? Greetings KernelPanic.zip
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