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  1. I tried this files, on 10.3 it doesn't show up at all. on 10.2 on which I have speed issue it still remains at 1.2 Speed, as before I used these kext files. Using 9565.
  2. true, i got that card from eBay for some $10, any recommendations for a wifi card which I should get ?. So putting the kext files in clover and using the kext utility what is the difference ? there is one possibility I can think of is bcos if we install on each partition then we don't disturb the working version, only the common one we can put on clover. Jake I tried the files you linked, the network don't work , if I remove ATH9KFixup then it works same as how it used to be on Sierra, but on High Sierra (10.3 ) it doesn't; show up at all.
  3. tried with the new config from Jake, got the same Error have 2 slots ram . Liked the new Look very nice. I went ahead and created a new partition without AFS and it works good, So I basically I have 3 partitions. 1. Sierra. works 2. High Sierra. with AFS (not working which is the one we tried) 3. High Sierra regular partition. The main reason I am trying to upgrade Sierra to High Sierra is to fix my Wifi network which is described in this My wifi is the same AR9565 card which is showing speed of around 1.5 only which is very slow, after the upgrade the speed is he same. bhu/Peshawar
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